China's "eye of the sky" FAST opened! The…

FAST, the "500-meter-caliber spherical corona-shaped active reflector spherical radio telescope" in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, South Guizhou, was completed after more than five years of construction and repeated debugging. Enabled and moved towards trial o-----

What is smart TV in the end? How to buy ah?

Due to the rapid development of the Internet, the usage rate of cable television has decreased significantly. At present, televisions in the market are undergoing many changes in order to obtain purchase rates. Networkization is a requirement, and intelligence is the foundat-----

New energy vehicle fraud: extensive subsidies and misca…

The survey of new energy vehicles from January this year officially released the results of the survey. Everyone said that this is the "watershed" of the new energy vehicle market. On September 8, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice saying that 90 major new ener-----

The main voice or new gameplay? Millet TV new guess

On September 27th, today, Xiaomi will hold a new conference for autumn products at the National Convention Center. From the activity venue and the warm-up focus map of the first activity of the millet's official website, the launch of the new product must have a certain-----

WYSIWYG? Color management

It’s better to see it. According to statistics, in the process of human perception of the world through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and other body organs and receiving external information, about 75-80% of the information comes from the visual system composed of eyes and brain. Visual infor-----

"Google Assistant" brings artificial intellig…

Google is betting on the gambling that computers can learn on their own, and is about to face the most significant test. "Machine Learning" brings artificial intelligence (AI) back to the mainstream of technology. For Google, this means using its computing power to -----

Philips Lighting, which is "waiting for price"…

Although Philips Lighting has been unable to make a splash in the general lighting market, it was once stripped by the Philips Group as a selling asset. But the strength of this old-fashioned lighting company can not be underestimated. Although in the eyes of many insiders, Philips Lighting has be-----