U.S. Develops Ultrasensitive Biosensors

Researchers at the New York University Institute of Technology have created ultra-sensitive biosensors that can identify the smallest single RNA virus in a solution (a virus whose RNA is a group of RNAs, collectively referred to as RNA viruses). This progress is expected to completely chan-----

How LED companies fight "price war"

According to statistics, 80% of China's LED companies rely on exports. Affected by the sluggish market in Europe and the United States and the constant price reduction by foreign customers, orders and profits of domestic LED companies have fallen sharply. Year-to-date, there have been -----

CAN bus principle

Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial communication protocol bus for real-time applications. It can transmit signals using twisted pairs. It is one of the most widely used fieldbuses in the world. Developed by Robert Bosch of Germany, the CAN protocol is used to communicat-----

Various LED driver solutions and applications for autom…

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of LED in almost every aspect such as light efficiency and cost, its application fields have been continuously expanded, from the traditional portable device backlight to the medium and large size LCD display / LCD TV backlight, automotive and gene-----

Silicon-based LED mass production in the face of challe…

The LED substrate market is about to change color. The silicon substrate LED chip of Toshiba and Bridgelux is expected to be mass-produced in October. Once the product is successfully launched, it will compress the living space of the mainstream sapphire substrate in the current LED market with hig-----

GPS navigation application

The emergence of the GPS system overcomes the limitations of the TRANSIT system (originally designed to serve the polar region, not for continuous navigation, and its positioning time interval varies with latitude). It is not only highly accurate, but also has continuous navigation and strong ant-----

How to completely eliminate computer virus

I. Some manifestations of poisoning How do we know the virus in the computer? In fact, computer poisoning is the same as people's illness. There are always some obvious symptoms. For example, the machine is very slow, can not go online, antivirus software can not be class, word docum-----