[Resolve] 2016 smart TV related terms, what are the lan…

If you recently wanted to buy a new TV, you'd be sure to get a head start with various parameters: 4K, curved screens, quantum dots, HDR, and more. So which features are you most in need? Let’s take a closer look at what these TV features really mean. 4K UHD Spe-----

Skyworth Digital and Amlogic Launch Cost-Efficient 64-B…

After successfully cooperating with the launch of Q+ series, i71S series, Skyworth small boxes and other classic OTT boxes, Skyworth Digital has once again teamed with Amlogic (crystal Chen Semiconductor) to introduce the Skyworth box A5, which is a combination of “hig-----

What if the smart TV is hacked?

With the popularity of smart TVs, the safety of smart TVs has once again attracted the attention of users. Maybe you will feel that your TV is very safe. Maybe you will feel that your TV virus is not invading. Maybe you would like Xiao Bian to feel that the TV has invaded. T-----

Xiaolong supports China Mobile to release A2 and A1s, V…

China Mobile's own brand mobile phones A2 and A1s equipped with Opteron processors were released in Beijing. "When you want to see, see" VoLTE, "faster and faster" 4G+, civilian prices, and high cost performance are the key words of these two mobile pho-----

The three major operators cut prices and speed, 4K era …

For a long time, due to network tariffs and network bandwidth issues, 4K sources are scarce. Most of the time, 4K TVs can only be used as ordinary high-definition televisions, and they are always in an embarrassing position. However, the situation is changing. 1942dj0et20jx-----

Is the LED light important for high PF or no flicker?

There are currently two types of light engines on the market, one is a high-PF but severely flashing electroless capacitive light engine, and the other is a flashless, low-PF electrolytic capacitor light engine. So which kind of light engine is better? First, the origin of the problem There are c-----

Samsung TV firmware upgrade [graphic tutorial]

Samsung TV upgrades include two methods: firmware upgrades, hardware and system upgrades. The firmware upgrade can be upgraded through a TV online or by downloading an upgrade package using a USB flash drive. The hardware and system upgrades can only be realized by relying o-----