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On January 9, 2012, at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, the United States, Lenovo Group released more than 20 innovative products that span smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. , Smart TV four personal Internet terminal category, and created a number of first in the world. Intelligent TV ideatv K91, one desktop ideacentre A720, hybrid architecture ideapad Yoga three star products, but also become a very eye-catching highlights of the CES scene.

According to Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, “The definition of personal computer is no longer just a traditional form of keyboard and screen, but also extends to new forms such as tablet computers, smart phones, and smart TVs. Such innovation and extension This has injected a powerful new impetus into our industry, and has also made us more optimistic about the prospects of the industry. We will always pay attention to the trend of technology development and the evolution of users' usage patterns and application requirements, and we will continue to honor the more abundant and exciting products. The promise of innovation. We have made clear our long-term product strategy and we are determined to become the leading manufacturer of personal internet terminals in the world."

ITV IdeaTV Establishes New Industry Benchmark At the end of November 2011, Lenovo Group officially launched the “Personal Cloud” strategy in Beijing’s 798 Art Zone, launching a new generation of music covering four categories of smart phones, tablet PCs, personal computers and smart TVs. Terminal, comprehensive coverage of various market segments with a rich product portfolio. Lenovo also launched a complete “Personal Cloud” solution with Le Yun as its core, which integrates multi-screen terminals and music cloud services to provide users with convenient personal information management, interoperability between terminals, and comprehensive socialization. Network support. Lenovo aspires to be the leading manufacturer of personal internet terminals in the world. The first appearance of the Lenovo smart TV has aroused great media interest.

At the CES, Lenovo's smart TV ideatv K91 (Chinese name: LeTV K91) was officially released, signifying Lenovo’s formal entry into the smart TV field, and further improving the terminal layout of Lenovo’s “Personal Cloud” strategy.

Liu Jun, senior vice president of Lenovo Group and president of the Mobile Internet and Digital Home Business Group, said: “The personal computers, communications, television and other industries are rapidly changing in the direction of intelligence. An era of convergence has come. Users will have multiple future Intelligent terminals and eager to use hardware, software, and cloud integration experience.The release of Lenovo's smart TV ideaTv has further improved Lenovo’s “personal cloud” strategic terminal layout, which will be interconnected with other terminals such as smart phones, tablet PCs, and personal computers. Interoperability, real-time synchronization, and sharing of content provide users with an exciting Internet experience.”

Ideatv will bring three exciting functional experiences for users, including intelligent human-computer interaction, high-quality video on demand, and a high-performance open application platform.

The intelligent human-computer interaction association innovatively uses a simple and intuitive “sandwich” user interface on the IdeaTV K91. This interface places the three core functions of traditional TV programs, online video on demand, and Internet applications on the first page, and realizes three functions that can be easily switched by gestures, eliminating the cumbersome source switching of traditional TVs. At the same time, popular recommended content will be pushed in real time through the cloud, and will be presented directly on the homepage for easy playback.

Lenovo Ideat K91 provides users with the best interaction for different application scenarios. For example, using voice for text input and control, playing games with somatosensory devices, and logging in user accounts through face recognition. Through the integration and optimization of various interaction modes and interaction logics, LeTV can provide the best human-computer interaction mode whether watching videos, playing games, playing applications or watching TV.

In addition, Music Phone and Music Pad can also be turned intoideatv's remote control, so as to achieve multi-screen control and file sharing between different devices.

High-quality video on demand Lenovo ideatv K91 provides users with a clear, smooth, rich content and high-quality video on demand experience. Through ideatv, users can enjoy the industry's highest-definition 1080P online video, and bid farewell to watching the era of online SD content on high-definition television. At the same time, Lenovo also laid out its video resources in advance. In March 2011, Lenovo and Shanghai BesTV established a joint venture, "View Cloud Network Technology" Co., Ltd., which provides customized high-definition online video resources for ideatv users. Currently, users can enjoy more than 100,000 hours of genuine HD video on ideatv.

With support from a variety of leading technologies, ideatv K91 provides users with an excellent viewing experience. Ideatv can adaptively optimize the stream according to the user's network conditions, automatically select the most appropriate video quality, and ensure the smoothness of the playback. Lenovo also optimized the file format for online video, enabling fast 3-second playback and continuous playback of breakpoints, significantly reducing the waiting time for users to watch videos.

In order to let users find the favorite content most quickly and conveniently, IdeaTav K91 customizes an innovative trailer recommendation model for users. The latest movie trailer will be automatically pushed to the homepage recommendation area and looped in real time. At the same time, intelligent ideatv also provides users with related recommendations for film and television resources. Users can select and watch based on the actors, directors, and film types.

Lenovo ideatv innovatively provides users with cloud-based voice search capabilities, greatly simplifying the tedious text input. As long as the user holds down the microphone button on the remote control and speaks the name of the movie or video of interest, ideatv can quickly find the corresponding content and play it according to the user's voice instructions.

The high performance open application platform Ideat K91 is equipped with the latest Android 4.0 operating system and has the industry's highest performance dual-core 1.5G processor. Android 4.0 is the first Android version to support TV. Based on the Android4.0 open ecosystem, and with the application developer community of the Lenovo Music Store, Lenovo created a dedicated app store for ideatv, providing more than a dozen customized TV applications covering gaming, education, social networking, and lifestyle services. These applications are optimized for ideatv and users can get a smooth running experience on ideatv.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the habits of Chinese home users, Lenovo pre-installed more than 30 models of boutique custom applications on the IdeaTV K91. Users can enjoy the wonderful experience brought by the TV when they turn on the computer.

The two “secret weapons” presented their best work in launching smart TVs to enter the field of home appliances. As the newest second-largest PC maker, Lenovo launched two highly innovative “secret weapons”. For the 2012 CES, the best of the best: ideacentre A720 and ideapad YOGA. The ideacentre A720 is the world's first large-screen one-touch desktop support 10-point touch, and is the only one in the industry to achieve a maximum screen adjustment angle of -5° to 90°; while ideapad YOGA is the industry's first 360-degree foldable notebook Computer products, and achieved the perfect combination of four modes of use, to bring users a richer experience in smart technology.

“We always insist on science and technology being used by people. We always regard user's needs as the focus and point of departure for product R&D and innovation.” Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group stated, “We have found that we have mobile phone devices, laptops, and tablets. After the smart TV, consumers want to have the integrated experience of these four modes.The products released by Lenovo, whether it is an all-in-one machine that adjusts the screen angle or a notebook that can be folded 360°, are all our focus. Give users the best example of the innovative product they are looking for.”

Ideacentre A720, fully optimized home experience to bring home users a cool, comfortable large-screen experience, ideal for the home user, the 27-inch luxury screen of the Ideacentre A720 is equipped with a wide-angle adjustable hinge that allows the screen to zoom in to the user at a horizontal -5 degree angle , And can be folded at more than 90 degrees, achieving the industry's exclusive -5 ° ~ 90 ° maximum angle adjustment range, allowing consumers to have the most comfortable, free to use touch feelings in any position, leading the new wave of product design !

At the same time, in order to further optimize the enjoyment experience of home users, the ideacentre A720 is the world's first 10 touch, which brings unprecedented unprecedented cool feelings. The A720 further completes the design of one-piece desktops, optimizes the touch control of digital home products, and 10-point multi-touch displays support multi-user scenarios with greater accuracy. On this basis, the A720 also uses Lenovo's traditional slimmer design, using a smooth metal appearance and 10 multi-touch frameless display, the thickness is amazing, the thinnest only 24.5mm!

Ideacentre A720 is more perfect performance, equipped with Intel Core processor, NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, up to 1TB hard drive and 64GB SSD storage capacity, and frameless HD 16:9 widescreen, can bring users home multimedia features shock experience. The A720 is fully integrated with Dolby Home Theater V4 audio, Lenovo high-sensitivity (720p HD) webcam and Lenovo ideaTouch integrated entertainment features to bring more exciting and more fun to modern home entertainment.

Ideapad YOGA, a Variety of Thoughtful and Thoughtful Notebooks At this year's CES show, Lenovo has brought the latest development of IdeaPad YOGA, a multi-morphic notebook computer, to consumers across the world. Through its innovative design, it has realized ultra-thin notebooks and tablets. The computer's cross-border integration creatively presents four-dimensional panoramic applications: Notebook, Tablet, Stand, and Watch, which realize the perfect integration of business office and life entertainment. Compared with traditional laptops, YOGA uses Lenovo's own patented 360° foldable hatchback design, which allows YOGA to be deformed anytime, anywhere, giving the user a comfortable application experience in the best possible form.

If the user wants to read, browse the web and enjoy audiovisual entertainment on a computer screen at a short distance, it is only necessary to fold the screen of YOGA into a stand or a tent, even in a narrow space such as an aircraft cabin. Enjoy a happy private time. YOGA adopts the IPS wide-angle viewing screen with 10-touch support, preemptively selects the highly-regarded Windows 8 system, and selects the most popular APP applications for users. It creates the best user experience as a whole. You need to fold the screen of YOGA into a tablet, and you can immediately have a 13-inch high-definition tablet, enjoy colorful entertainment time and mobile Internet anywhere.

The YOGA's gorgeous interior and exterior turns have fully demonstrated the powerful strength of the tablet PC. On the one hand, YOGA has achieved a long life of up to 8 hours, and through the EE2.0 underlying acceleration technology to ensure a 2 second fast wake-up, allowing users to easily carry, ready-to-use, mobile Internet at any time; equipped with Intel Ivy Bridge platform The new third-generation Core i7 processor and configured with up to 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage capacity, so that entertainment and office performance are far stronger than ARM architecture products. On the other hand, YOGA has created a more slender and lighter product with its ultimate industrial design. With a thickness of 16.9 millimeters and a weight of 1.47 kilograms, YOGA is one of the industry's thinnest and most collapsible ultra-thin notebooks. In addition, YOGA also brought surprises in some details. YOGA uses a soft-touch rubber back cover, which is more suitable for the human body for a long time, and the side button design helps the user to easily switch all modes of use. Control changes. YOGA has not only created a fully-integrated product that combines the power of laptops with the thinness and portability of the tablet PCs for consumers, but also achieved the perfect balance of content creation and content sharing, becoming the “most considerate” notebook computer.

According to reports, during the current International Consumer Electronics Show, Lenovo also exhibited more than 20 new products including the Think X1 hybrid architecture notebook, ThinkPad T430u Ultrabook, Ideapad U310/U410 Ultrabook, and Ideaata S2 Tablet PC. These products are in innovative designs. New breakthroughs have been made in performance and performance.

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