[High-tech LED Shenzhen report] On December 15th, 2012 Gaogong Golden Globe Award - the annual LED good product finalist PK was held in Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club (Dongguan Club). That night, nearly 300 LED industry chairman and CEO, after the finalists announced their own canvassing declaration, cast their own votes. Finally, the winner of the Golden Globe Award was awarded according to the number of votes on the spot.

The theme of the party was “Glorious Future”, including CCTV-2, Finance, First Financial Times, Securities Times, 21st Century Business Herald, Fenghuang.com, and each network. More than 20 well-known domestic financial media reporters participated in the report. .

2012 High-tech Golden Globe Awards - There are five major categories of LED good product selections in the year. The 25 sub-product awards of Haixuan are awards for equipment, materials and accessories, chips and devices, light sources and innovative lamps. The selection began on November 1st, and the election of the sea election lasted for one month. A total of 1,169 companies participated in the election.

On December 1-5, the organizing committee announced the finalists according to the number of votes in the sea. Each award has three shortlisted candidates, and the final vote is to win the Golden Globe winner.

The winners of the 2012 High Engineering Golden Globe Awards are attached below:

Materials and Accessories <br> Substrate: Haotian Photoelectric Phosphor: Rare Earth Encapsulated Silicone: Dow Corning Bracket: Taiwan Yiquan Outdoor Power Supply: Shenzhen Maoshuo Power Supply Indoor Power: Infineon Electronics
Chips and Devices <br> High Power Devices (White Light): Cree Medium Power Devices (White Light): Osram High Power Blue Chips: Crystal Photoelectric Medium Power Blue Chips: Epistar
Equipment class <br> Crystal furnace: Shenyang Science
MOCVD: Northern microelectronic chip processing equipment: Han's laser detection equipment: China's photoelectric substrate processing equipment: no finalists
Innovative Lighting Awards <br> Table Lamp: Xinli Light Source Mining Light: Xinli Light Source Street Light/Tunnel Light: Shanxi Guangyu Panel Light: Mingda Photoelectric Chandelier: Xinteli
Light source
LED Bulb: Philips
LED straight tube light: Xinli light source
LED spotlight: Xinli light source
LED downlight: Luming Semiconductor

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