The era of a size LED used in all fields has become a history, and in the future it is necessary to produce a series of products to meet the wide range of applications in the market segment. Lm/W, lm/$ and continuous improvement of lighting quality are the main driving forces for the future development of LED.
Here are five definitions of "good LEDs":

1. Quality of light. include:

a.CRI>80, and give positive consideration to R9, CQS, and GAI;

b. The degree of light uniformity within the beam angle range is <10 U'V' points;

c. LED lighting operating temperature is 55-85 degrees, using 85 degrees as the detection temperature, the so-called "thermal test"; thermal testing can eliminate many unknowns for customers, simplify the design process, reduce system development time, reduce the final design The importance of testing, reducing costs, etc., is evident;

d. Maintain color consistency, which is required to be within the scope of human eye recognition, ie <3 SDCM;

e. The color will drift over time, the range needs <5 SDCM;

2. Fixed sales, easy to use (freedom from binning).

Since last year, in order to facilitate customers, the chips sold have been fixed. For example, if customers need 2700K chips, they can buy all 2700K chips.

3. Packaging flexibility;

4. Integrated optical control;

5. Driver compatibility.

In terms of lighting quality and reliability, LEDs can bring additional added value to users, and traditional lighting cannot be achieved.

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