Acer sets three major operational strategies for next year: Advancement of flat panel shipments Recently, Taiwanese media reported that Wang Zhentang, chairman of Acer, said in an interview with the media that Acer will continue to increase the shipment of tablet PCs in 2013.

Acer originally believed that for consumers, tablet computers will quickly lose their appeal, and this will help restore the notebook's influence. However, market watchers and IT professionals expect most of the tablet PC market will see tremendous growth. Shipments may surpass notebooks next year, and Acer will begin to push for tablet shipments.

Wang Zhentang said that Acer will develop three major operational strategies for 2013 - improve brand positioning, promote tablet shipments, and widen the gap with competitors in the touch-screen notebook market.

Wang Zhentang said that Acer has planned to announce new products in early 2013 and will release Windows 8 Pro tablets in the second quarter of next year. For the recent meeting with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Wang Zhentang pointed out that Microsoft's strategy for the sale of Surface products is unlikely to change in the short term, but Ballmer fully understands the views of PC brands.

Wang Zhentang pointed out that Ballmer’s visit to Taiwan was to discuss how to enhance the demand of Windows 8, and proposed future development directions. Acer expects the company's tablet PC shipments to reach 1.8 million units this year, and plans to significantly increase this shipment next year.

Acer recently appointed Tiffany Huang to replace Campbell Kan as the president of global PC operations, and Gan Bolong will serve as special assistant to Wang Zhentang. Both appointments will take effect on January 1, 2013.

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