1 Nanjing Street Light Control Center is the central and leading organization of Nanjing street lights and lighting monitoring and management, and its status is very important. After nearly 10 years of operation, the street lamp monitoring system has upgraded and expanded the original system during the actual use process, gradually improved the function of the street lamp intelligent monitoring system, and improved the technology content and reliability of the monitoring system. And maintenance management is more convenient and efficient.

2 Nanjing street lamp monitoring system status

Nanjing Street Light Wireless Monitoring System was developed and implemented by our company and Nanjing Science and Technology System Co., Ltd. Since the first phase of the project was completed, 520 street lamp monitoring peripheral stations (monitoring terminals) and 305 lighting peripheral stations have been completed. (Monitoring terminal). The system control scope covers Nanjing “one city and three districts”.

In 2002, the “Old City Reconstruction” of Nanjing City merged the building lighting control system, which has been completed and the system scale is the highest in the country. The construction of street lighting and lighting wireless monitoring system has changed the urban lighting management mode from the traditional manual lighting mode to the computer automatic inspection mode, which has reduced the labor intensity and equipment loss of the workers, and greatly improved the work efficiency and shortened the work. The discovery of the fault cycle avoids the failure of the traditional way to find faults, solves the problem that is not timely, and greatly improves the quality of service. The system's switching light control is more flexible. Switching light and midnight light time, switching light combination can be realized in the control center, which satisfies the diversified needs of urban development for urban lighting.

3 control center software and hardware upgrade

The wireless street monitoring system of Nanjing Street Light adheres to the wireless private network mode. The wireless private network is not restricted by the outside world and the use conditions. The post-maintenance cost has nothing to do with the data transmission flow. Therefore, the system can conduct inspections on each monitoring terminal for 24 hours, ensuring each Monitor the terminal's fault timely report; because the frequency band is monopolized, the communication of major festivals and major conferences is guaranteed, and the control and detection commands can be transmitted in time.

3.1 system hardware

The role and value of the streetlight monitoring system is increasingly reflected, and the reliance on the system is constantly improving, but as time goes by, the aging problem of the control center equipment is becoming more and more prominent. In order to ensure the safer and more reliable operation of the system, in June 2002, the original system BARCO three-gun projector was replaced with Sanyo LCD projector and electric screen. In July 2003, Nanjing Street Light Control Center was renovated and expanded, and the office space was expanded. It was equipped with anti-static floor and 19-cabin large operation console and liquid crystal display. The control center equipment purchased in the first phase was completely updated.

3.2 Wireless communication

The communication main station antenna system was updated as a whole, and the communication tower was tested, rust-proof and painted. Now the control center selects the Motorola military standard base station GF950i, the power is 25W, and 1+1 redundancy backup is implemented. The antenna tower height is 40m, the elevation is 60m, and the tower top omnidirectional antenna is 5m high. The UHF wireless communication system adopts the inter-frequency system of the central station and the large area, and the effective coverage radius is 30km.

In 2004, a relay station was set up at the Zijinshan Observatory to solve the problem of poor communication between some stations and lots, and the call quality was greatly improved.

3.3 monitoring software

The operating platform of the monitoring system was upgraded from WINDOWS98 to WINDOWS 2000, and the database was upgraded from ACCESS97 to SQLSERVER2000 database.

The monitoring software program has undergone relatively large modifications and upgrades, the inspection speed is accelerated, and the control operation is more convenient. The new monitoring software is well compatible with different control modes of street lights and lighting, such as night lighting, lighting only during holidays and major Turning on the lights during the activity, the offline operation of the server and the industrial computer is realized.

4 monitoring terminal upgrade, replacement for urban street lights and lighting computer monitoring system (RTU), is built by batch, so the use of earlier equipment on the one hand performance is outdated, some new features And the control can not be realized; on the other hand, the equipment is aging, the running time exceeds the normal service life of the general electronic equipment, resulting in inaccurate monitoring data, resulting in wrong fault information, and occasionally out of control problems. We upgraded the computer motherboard of the monitoring terminal with new technology and updated the computer motherboards of 80 monitoring terminals in batches.

RTU is not only a remote measurement and control unit of the superior control center, but also a self-contained system. When wireless communication fails, it should have the ability to run itself, and its reliability is especially important.

The development of RTU computer board processor has passed the main course of single chip microcomputer → single chip microcomputer + DSP → MSP. Since 2003, we have completely redesigned the RTU of the peripheral station, and the wireless communication transmission rate has been upgraded from 600bps to 1200bps, which greatly shortens the inspection cycle.

The fourth-generation measurement and control computer board now in use has a strong core - the latest US military-grade mixed-signal processor MSP, which contains CPU, RAM, ROM, EEPROM, WATCHDOG and A/D conversion circuits, with higher integration. , higher reliability and faster speed. We use AC sampling, and the FFT algorithm gets the true rms and power factor. The military-grade real-time clock can run for three years after the power is turned off; the military-grade wireless modem circuit is connected to the radio to realize the wireless transmission of the data signal. Nanjing is known as the national stove, and the high temperature of 55 degrees in the summer chassis verifies the reliability of the product.

The RTU computer board is designed with a liquid crystal display (LCD) and a small keyboard. The easy-to-understand man-machine dialogue greatly facilitates the adjustment and maintenance of the on-site workers. Each part of the connection is made of anti-plug and reverse plug-in terminals for easy assembly and disassembly. In the event of a fault, simply replace the corresponding module, which greatly simplifies the repair, and the problem can be solved in time without affecting the normal switch light.

5 access control and cable anti-theft

In recent years, road lighting boxes have changed the facilities and street lamp cable theft. In 2005, there were 195 street lighting and lighting facilities in the city, and the direct economic loss was 1,961,700 yuan.

In 2006, 355 cases were stolen and the loss was nearly 5.52 million yuan. We have used a variety of methods, such as the overall cement encapsulation of underground pipelines, anti-theft screws for lamp poles, the addition of cable clamps or wire bundling cables, and the welding of lamp posts. However, theft is still very embarrassing, resulting in theft of cables. The area street lights are not bright, which directly threatens the night traffic safety in Nanjing, and brings public security problems to the citizens at night. The street lights can not be discovered in time after being stolen.

In early 2004, we conducted experiments in various ways in response to this phenomenon. In some peripheral stations, the box-changing door and cable anti-theft device were installed in the pilot. The box-changing access control adopts infrared, door magnet and limit switch. The door is accidentally opened and the control center can receive the alarm immediately.

We originally used power carrier technology for cable theft, that is, using carrier signals for data transmission on streetlight cables. This solution is susceptible to soil, line length, wire diameter, lamp type and connection method, and determines the appropriate carrier frequency. It is not easy, the return signal is susceptible to interference, resulting in false positives or no reports. Our practical experience shows that power carrier technology is difficult to promote in large areas in the street lighting industry.

The patented cable anti-theft device newly developed by Nanjing Science and Technology System Co., Ltd., which uses the existing street lamp "three remote" device, installs an alarm terminal in the distribution box, and adds special equipment to each end of the cable. The alarm terminal can detect 8 loops (cables). No matter which cable is damaged, the system can immediately transmit the location, name and cable of the damage site to the control center, and the management personnel can handle it in time. In actual use, the alarm is timely and accurate, and there is no false alarm, which has achieved good results. This technology enables streetlight cables to be discovered at the beginning of the theft, reducing losses, and we will promote it on a large scale.

6 conclusion

In 2003, Nanjing Street Light Wireless Monitoring System replaced some computer boards of some old monitoring terminals in time, upgraded the software and hardware of the system control center, and added practical functions such as access control and cable anti-theft. The adoption of these new facilities and new technologies has improved the stability and reliability of the streetlights and lighting monitoring systems in our city. The functions are more comprehensive, practical and more efficient, which has improved the modernization level of streetlights and lighting management in our city. The street lamp management in our city has always been at the forefront of the country.

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