Recently, with the approval of the provincial government, the Provincial Price Bureau and the Provincial Economic and Information Commission jointly issued the “Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Control of Electric Coal Prices” to strengthen the regulation and control of coal prices in Anhui Province. From January 1 this year, the implementation of coal Temporary interventions.

The opinions were clear. Interim price interventions were implemented for the province's coal power, and contract coal prices were appropriately controlled. The coal production enterprises in the province shall, in accordance with the principle of “coal coal for energy conservation and power generation, and coal-fired power for coal use,” give priority to meeting the needs of coal for power generation in the province. Including annual inter-provincial regional production and transportation needs to meet the annual key contract coal and provincial annual contract coal, 2012 contract price in 2011 contract price (4800 kcal, 560 yuan/ton or 5000 kcal, 580 yuan/ton On the basis of the above, the rate of increase shall not exceed 5%. The specific price and calorific value shall be negotiated between the coal and electricity parties. If the actual supply calorific value is higher or lower than the contractual agreed standard, the settlement may be based on the actual supply calorific value and the unit price of the contract, or settled at a fixed discounted price, but the fixed discounted price shall not be lower than 0.1 yuan/kcal. At the same time, the price of coal for the market transaction is subject to a ceiling price. The transaction price of the thermal coal transaction between the two sides in the province through the direct transportation of railways and highways shall not exceed the actual settlement price (4,800 kcal, 720 yuan/ton) at the end of April 2011, and may not be changed by means of changing settlement methods. Price increase. The specific price of electricity coal market trading shall be negotiated and determined by the coal and electricity parties in reference to the state-imposed Qinhuangdao Port and other coal coal closing price ceilings (5500 kcal, 800 yuan/ton).

The comments stressed that comprehensively clean up and reorganize coal-related funds and fees. Except for the mineral resources compensation fee, the coal sustainable development fund approved by the State Council, and the legally established price adjustment fund for coal, all funds and fees levied on coal that have been established beyond the authority of the provincial level or beyond are imposed on the coal. Projects should be cancelled. Before February 15th, local governments submitted their plans to implement local coal price control to the Provincial Price Bureau and the Provincial Economic and Information Commission.

Opinions require the establishment of a coal price monitoring and coal coal contract filing system and a monthly monitoring report on the production and operation of major coal companies including Huainan Mining Group, Huaibei Mining Group, Qinbei Coal and Electricity Group and SDIC Xinji Energy Co., Ltd. system. Any annual coal contract that does not comply with the temporary coal price intervention policy should be corrected.

According to comments, all coal companies must strengthen self-discipline and strictly implement temporary intervention measures for coal prices. Under the premise of ensuring safety, efforts will be made to increase coal production, guarantee the supply of power coal, and ensure the fulfillment rate of coal in key contracts. The power generation enterprises must not raise prices to rush for purchases, and must sign power coal purchase and sales contracts with coal companies within the range of price increases set by the state, and actively organize the purchase of power coal to ensure power supply. The Provincial Price Bureau and the Provincial Economic and Information Commission will carry out spot checks and key inspections on the implementation of the regulations. Confiscation of illegal income will be confiscated according to law for coal and power generation companies that violate the regulations, and a fine of up to five times the illegal proceeds shall be imposed; no illegal gains or illegal gains can be determined. , The highest penalty was a fine of 5 million yuan; it criticized and exposed publicly the typical cases with serious nature and great impact; and asked the supervisory authority to investigate the violation of laws and regulations related to responsible personnel.

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