Atmel 2009 AVR theme innovative design competition ended successfully in Hangzhou Dianzi University

Atmel CorporaTIon, a leader in microcontroller solutions, announced that the 2009 AVR Theme Innovation Design Competition hosted by Atmel China and undertaken by Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology was held on November 16 on the campus of Hangzhou University of Electronic Technology Closed successfully.

A total of 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes were selected in this competition. The first prize was won by Hangzhou Dianzi University. Professor Xue Anke, President of Hangzhou Electronic Science and Technology University, and Mr. Yu Yangjia, Vice President of Sales of Atmel Asia Pacific and Japan, were invited to present certificates, bonuses and prizes to the winning students on the campus of Hangzhou University of Electronic Technology. Mr. Zhang Qingxiang, Sales Director of Atmel North China, East China and Central China, Dr. Yin Yiyan, General Manager of China, and Ms. Jiang Ning, University Program Manager, attended the ceremony.

Atmel has maintained its commitment to the Chinese market for the past 15 years. As part of Atmel University ’s plan, the holding of the 2009 AVR Theme Innovation Design Competition has further strengthened this commitment. This competition is Atmel ’s in 2010. The prelude to the upcoming Atmel China AVR University Partner Program, which marks the company will strengthen its partnership with Chinese universities, increase investment in Chinese universities, and bring Atmel ’s advanced microcontroller solutions to China In the college teaching, it helps China's semiconductor industry and electronics industry to cultivate more and better research and development reserve forces that combine theory with practice.

Mr. Yu Yangjia said: "Atmel's AVR microcontroller architecture is one of the younger 8-bit and 32-bit microcontroller architectures. In the past 10 years, AVR microcontrollers rely on its high performance and ultra-low power consumption. The features are quickly recognized by Chinese users and are widely used in consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, security, communications, and computing markets. At the same time, Atmel based on its own AVR architecture advantages, non-stop microcontroller experiments The platform is provided to Chinese universities and colleges and provides students with many and new practical environments. This successful competition hosted by Hangzhou Dianzi University is a practical proof of our friendly cooperation with Chinese universities in the past few years.

Mr. Yu added: "In order to strengthen cooperation with Chinese universities, Atmel will launch a new Chinese AVR University Partner Program in 2010, aiming to provide Chinese universities with the industry's latest AVR microcontroller-based application-level solutions The solution allows college students to understand the latest Atmel technology frontiers including the internationally leading ATMEL TOUCH technology, helps engineering college students understand where the knowledge is applied in the industry, and cultivates more rich and rich for the future industry. The back-up force of R & D engineers with theoretical connections and practical experience. For this reason, Atmel established a university planning department in China, and hired experienced managerial managers to cooperate with universities in China. As the world's leading microcontroller solution Supplier, Atmel will continue to expand and enhance its strength and services throughout the Chinese market. "

Professor Xue Anke said: "For universities of science and technology, it is very important to contact and understand the new technology and new trends of the industry in a timely manner. Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology has been exploring suitable forms and methods to integrate the latest technology into the teaching of our school. The company is a well-known leader in microcontroller solutions in the industry, and this cooperation is a good example of the theme of bringing new knowledge and new technologies to college education. Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology and Atmel are teaching, researching, and competing The successful cooperation on the subject is a practice of engineering education concept, which enables students of science and engineering to learn the application points of the knowledge in the industry in addition to learning the theoretical knowledge, for the cultivation of students' innovative ability, the improvement of comprehensive quality and team spirit The formation provides a platform and opportunity. We hope to have more similar cooperation with Atmel in the future on the campus of Hangzhou Electronic Science and Technology University. "


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