The reasons for the unsatisfactory light effect of LED lighting fixtures may be various, such as internal light, poor heat dissipation, poor reliability of the driving power supply, and external factors, such as applications. Take LED fluorescent tubes as an example. In different application environments such as supermarkets, parking lots and wardrobes, the requirements for parameters such as luminous flux, color temperature and illumination angle will be different. If you do not seriously study these occasions, you can buy LED tubes. Going up, then the best quality lamps may also cause poor lighting effects because they do not meet environmental requirements. "Customers want to install lights, first tell me what occasions to use, what are the requirements, otherwise I will not install." Li Shaoliang, vice president of Shenzhen Changyuntong Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd. said.

In the lighting fixtures of the Shanghai World Expo, there are LED modules of Changyuntong. Because the environmental factors are uncontrollable, it is difficult to distinguish the clear responsibility of the luminaire, and there is no standard for LED lighting in China. Therefore, Changyuntong provides less lamps and more modules. The partners include GE and Philips. . GE mainly serves the North American market. Philips mainly serves the European market. They all have their own LED lighting standards. Changyun provides modules according to their standards. Because there is no standard in the country, when the whole lamp is provided, it needs to be explained to the customer constantly. Why do this, if there is a standard to follow, then everything is done according to the standard, and there is no need to explain so much. This mode of Changyuntong, the operating efficiency is much more efficient than directly providing LED whole lights, and the efficiency is much higher.

LED surface light source module enhances heat dissipation and reduces glare

Engineers who do power don't understand optical design, and engineers who do optical design don't understand the power supply. This is a problem faced by many LED luminaire manufacturers. Long Express integrates power and optical design to provide an easy-to-use LED surface light source module for the lighting fixture factory. In the fluorescent lamp, Changyuntong is equipped with an LED surface light source module for the LED tube. Li Shaoliang said, "The LED surface light source module has multiple LED chips mounted on an aluminum substrate, encapsulated with silica gel and added with phosphor, and the constant current drive IC is also packaged on the aluminum substrate." With this structure, It can effectively reduce the thermal resistance, which is beneficial to heat dissipation and reduce the light decay of the LED. The LED fluorescent tube that we usually see most is a kind of fluorescent lamp with hundreds of individually packaged LED devices installed in one tube. The method of Changyuntong is to combine one light bar, the light emitted by these light bar modules is similar. For surface light sources, glare can be effectively reduced relative to the lattice source, which is an innovation of Changyuntong.

Figure 1: Changyun LED surface light source module CYT_7100 packaged with 16 light-emitting chips (the white square in the upper left corner is the built-in constant current drive IC)

In addition, Changyuntong LED surface light source module has the following characteristics:

Good consistency: Since each module has a built-in constant current drive, after multiple modules are connected in parallel, the current is not affected by the VF value of the LEDs in the module.

Independent type: single module damage or LED short circuit in the module will not affect the current of other branches

Constant current accuracy, branch constant current accuracy of ± 3%

Building blocks to make LED lighting design simple

Unlike the centralized constant current drive architecture, the Long Express LED module uses a distributed constant current architecture. The LED constant current is completed on each branch module, and the power supply can be a constant voltage switching power supply that meets the voltage requirements. With this standard LED module, lighting manufacturers do not need to consider the LED constant current problem, according to the module's nominal driving voltage of 20V, 36V, 48V to select the appropriate standard switching power supply. This is another innovation of Changyuntong. It has turned LED lighting design into “building blocks”, which makes LED lighting design very simple and can increase the market speed of products.

Figure 2: Schematic diagram of distributed constant current architecture

Using a high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate as a circuit board,Pure light color, good heat dissipation, low heat generation and good heat dissipation.

Low light decay,  can save you more than 90% of electricity costs.Long life, maintenance-free.

The surface installation is simple and convenient, and the illumination angle can be adjusted according to the installation environment.

High grade, aluminum alloy shell, anodized surface, beautiful appearance, high grade, specially designed for jewelry and other showcase lighting.

Surface Mounted Hard Shell LED Strip

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