Recently, China successfully developed and produced the first batch of 1W130 lumen LED light source products, which has become a major breakthrough in the development and application of high-power LED light source technology for China's "863" major scientific research project.

It is reported that the new LED lamp has been determined to provide high-performance space light source for the "嫦娥2" satellite.

Rigid Flex PCB


Rigid Flex PCB is an excellent combination of rigid boards and Flexible Circuits. Flex Rigid PCB is connected by PTH (plated through holes). Higher component density and better quality control can be guaranteed.


  • Reliable connection.
  • Fewer parts and connections.
  • Flexible choices for design.
  • Make PCBA easier.
  • Assembly and shipment costs are reduced.


As Rigid-flex PCB combine the advantage of Rigid PCB and Flex PCB, advanced Flex Rigid PCB technology has expanded the applications from military, aerospace systems, medical equipment to computer, telecommunication, consumer electronics, automotive, etc.

Rigid Flex PCB

JHY PCB is experienced in producing custom Rigid-Flex PCB, welcome your inquiry. Please check our Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturing capabilities below.


Manufacturing Capability

PCB Layers

1 - 12layers


Flexible part: DuPont PI,  Shengyi PI

Rigid part: PI/FR4

Maximum PCB Size(Length x Width)


Board Thickness


Finished board thickness tolerance


Copper Thickness

0.3oz - 1.0oz or higher

Min Tracing/Spacing


Min. Annular Ring


Min. Drilling Hole Diameter


Min. hole size


Min. finished via diameter


Tolerance of dimension

3mil(0.076 mm)

Solder Mask Color

Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Silkscreen Color

White, Black, Yellow

Surface Finish


HASL(Hot Air Solder Leveling)

HASL Lead-Free

Flash Gold

ENIG (Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold)

Immersion Tin

Immersion Silver

Special technologies

Impedance Control+/-10% 

Gold fingers 

Stiffener (PI/FR4)

Peelable solder mask 

Rigid Flex PCB

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