With regard to the issuance of domestic 4G licenses, it has been occupying the headlines of major media recently. Under the influence of China Mobile's efforts to promote the independent 4G standard TD-LTE, the other two have finally been unable to bear, especially China Telecom.

It was learned from reliable sources that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has officially issued a reply document to China Telecom regarding the permission to carry out the TD-LTE trial network. Commercial business also indicates that China Telecom will obtain at least one 4G license to operate TD-LTE in the future 4G licenses.

Last week, China Telecom completed the tender for the main equipment of the 4G-LTE core network. ZTE, Huawei, Xinyoutong and Ericsson won the bid one after another, and ZTE accounted for more than 50% of the share. It is understood that China Telecom's main equipment collection covers 31 provinces across the country, and this round of bidding has basically locked the future market pattern.

It is understood that the winning enterprise equipment supports FDD / TDD multi-module network, which also shows that China Telecom has begun to prepare for the deployment of TD-LTE, but it is still in the relevant approval documents of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. According to people familiar with the matter, China Telecom submitted an application for the construction of the TD-LTE trial network to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology at the time of the bidding. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formally approved and agreed last week.

In November last year, China Telecom carried out 4G trials in Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangdong and other cities. At that time, it was mainly FDD-LTE trial networks. The approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology indicates that China Telecom has determined that the 4G test network will be built in the FDD / TDD hybrid networking mode.

In this regard, during the opening ceremony of the customer service operation support center held by China Telecom Shanghai not long ago, Chairman Wang Xiaochu said in an exclusive interview with Tencent Technology, "In the 4G era, converged networking is inevitable. China Telecom chose any method for more Good service users. "This statement can also be seen that China Telecom is ready for dual license operation.

At the same time, China Telecom's 4G terminal strategy has further confirmed the truth of this statement. According to the information disclosed by China Telecom to mobile phone manufacturers, China Telecom will launch the FDD-LTE mode on mobile phones, but also deploy CDMA + WCDMA + GSM + FDD LTE four-mode mobile phones; and the data terminals are TDD + WIFI and TDD + FDD + WIF combination. It is not difficult to see that China Telecom mainly uses FDD-LTE mobile phones in 4G mobile phones, but it will make extensive use of TD-LTE networks in data cards.

It is understood that in China Telecom's 4G network planning, FDD is still used for large-scale and wide-coverage 4G networks, while densely populated areas in urban areas will use TDD to absorb excess traffic. These practices also borrowed from the model of Verizon, the largest US telecommunications company.

Some analysts also pointed out that the use of FDD / TDD hybrid networking by China Telecom is inevitable, and the core network of major urban areas will adopt FDD international standards, mainly because the international roaming problem in the LTE era is a problem that has to be considered. In the 3G era, due to the limited global coverage of CDMA networks, and fewer and fewer, China Telecom has exhausted the limitations of "unable to roam".

For the construction of 4G, China Telecom has previously stated that it will increase capital expenditure by 5 billion to invest in the 4G trial network. In 2013, China Telecom ’s total capital expenditure will reach 75 billion yuan.

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