Cross-Strait Express: Information and communication technology manufacturers are optimistic about the Q2 boom

According to the Industry Information Institute (MIC) of Taiwan ’s Regional Council for Information and Information Technology (ICT), a survey of Taiwan ’s information and communications technology (ICT) manufacturers ’industry sentiment is expected. The results show that Taiwan ’s ICT vendors are more optimistic about the economy in the second quarter of this year. The boom is still conservative. On the whole, Taiwanese manufacturers' expectations for the ICT industry in Taiwan are better than those for the global economy.

Taiwan's ICT manufacturers expect the industry climate in 2009. The MIC survey of ICT manufacturers in Taiwan predicts the outlook for the Taiwan ICT industry in 2009. 26.8% of manufacturers believe that there will be a slow growth trend, and 47.4% Take a pessimistic view and think that there will be a slow recession, or a significant recession. Although the proportion of pessimistic views is relatively high, compared with 77% of the manufacturers in the first quarter of this year who hold a recession in the ICT industry boom in Taiwan, it has clearly increased by 29.6%, which means that nearly 30% of the industry ’s expectations Turning to an optimistic view.

Taiwanese ICT industry players generally hold a conservative attitude toward the global ICT industry's annual expectation. Only 18.6% of the companies in the industry believe that they will be able to grow slowly, but most companies believe they will face the dilemma of recession. Observing the views of various industries, the information software and information service industry is still the most pessimistic. More than 70% of the industry believes that the global ICT industry will continue to decline, and more than half of the communications industry and the semiconductor industry are negative on the performance of the global ICT industry. .

Taiwanese ICT manufacturers expect industry boom in the second quarter of 2009

Taiwan's ICT manufacturers expect the industry boom in the second quarter of 2009. 42.3% of Taiwanese manufacturers believe that the boom will show a gradual growth trend, which is much higher than the 6.3% expectation in the first quarter. It is the most optimistic with information hardware and surrounding industries. Nearly 80% of the industry believes that it will not decline again, and the second quarter will show a trend of flat or substantial growth.

MIC Industry Analyst Huang Yixuan of the Information Policy Committee said that due to some countries actively assisting companies in bailing out, providing unemployment subsidies, and stimulating domestic demand growth policies, some companies are still holding a rebound in the second quarter in the current adverse trend. Optimistic expectations.

MIC conducted a survey on the industry sentiment for the communications, information hardware and peripherals, information software and services, semiconductor and other industries. The communications, information hardware / peripherals, and semiconductor industries all believe that there will be opportunities for slow growth in the second quarter; information software The business outlook for the service industry is more pessimistic, mainly because the company's project demand is still uncertain.

Taiwan ’s ICT vendors are optimistic about the revenue expectations of their affiliates in the second quarter of 2009, and more than 25% of information hardware and peripherals are even optimistic. They even believe that they can grow 41% to 50% from the same period last year; but 44% The industry believes that revenue will decline, and even that even if there is growth, it is still growing below 20%.

The MIC said that the main reason for the divergence of opinions among the players lies in the main market of their important customers. The growth faced by them varies. But overall, the players are much more optimistic than the first quarter of this year.

The information software and information service industries are showing a more pessimistic outlook, and all believe that the best state in the second quarter of this year is flat, and there may even be a recession. The MIC estimates that as the overall economy grows slowly, companies still have a wait-and-see attitude towards budget responses to information software and information services, so the reaction appears to be more pessimistic in terms of business expectations.

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