On the 17th, the 17th Cross-Strait Lighting Technology and Marketing Seminar jointly organized by the China Lighting Society and the Taiwan District Lighting and Lighting Export Industry Association was held in Yunxiao. More than 300 experts, scholars and business representatives from the cross-strait lighting industry attended the conference, including 150 representatives from Taiwan.

Energy conservation and environmental protection, semiconductor lighting is the focus of attention in the cross-strait lighting industry. The theme of this seminar is “Lighting Energy Saving and LED Challenge”. The theme of this seminar is the development of LED lighting related standards development and testing technology, key technologies for LED lighting applications, and research and development technologies for energy-efficient lighting appliances. The discussion was launched.

In recent years, Yunxiao Optoelectronics Industry has developed rapidly. At present, the county has introduced 110 optoelectronic enterprises, covering energy-saving lamp tubes, circuit boards and LED sapphire substrates, TV backlights and other fields, forming a complete optoelectronic industry chain, which is expected to reach 2.5 billion this year.

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