On December 13, 2016, Dalian United Holdings, a leading semiconductor component distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific region, announced that its subsidiary has launched the fifth-generation EyeQ 5 chip jointly developed by ST and Mobileye. This SOC is the result of a long-term cooperation between ST and Mobileye. It inherits the market success of EyeQ technology and will be used as a central computer for fully automated driving vehicles (FAD) to perform sensor data integration. The EyeQ5-based system can achieve the highest safety in the automotive industry. Standard (ASIL B(D) in the ISO 26262 standard). Samples are scheduled to be released in the first half of 2018 and will soon or soon appear on new models of 25 car companies.

Figure 1 - Da Lian Dayou still launches EyeQ 5 SOC photos jointly developed by ST and Mobileye

To meet power and performance goals, the EyeQ5 design will feature advanced 10nm or lower FinFET technology, integrating eight multi-threaded CPU cores and Mobileye's innovative, market-proven next-generation 18-core vision processor. With the combination of these enhancements, the performance of the fifth-generation system chip will be eight times that of the existing fourth-generation EyeQ4. With high performance and low power consumption, EyeQ5 maintains power consumption below 5W with a command cycle of 12 teraflops per second, allowing passive cooling to be used.

EyeQ5 continues the long-term relationship between Mobileye and STMicroelectronics. STMicroelectronics will leverage its extensive automotive-grade chip design experience to provide state-of-the-art chip manufacturing technology, dedicated memory, high-speed interface circuitry and system package design to ensure that the EyeQ5 meets all of the highest automotive standards. In addition, STMicroelectronics is also responsible for the overall security architecture design.

Professor Eyenshashua, co-founder, chief technology officer and chairman of Mobileye, said: "EyeQ5 will be used in the future of fully automated car central processing, it has superb computing power, can handle about 20 high-resolution sensors, while still With excellent functional safety, EyeQ5 inherits Mobileye's unique innovative technology. Mobileye has developed EyeQ1 since 2004, and has developed a highly optimized vision processor architecture with super-intensity computing using our deep understanding of computer vision processing technology. Power consumption is controlled below 5W, allowing applications to use passive cooling technology in automotive environments."

Marco MonTI, executive vice president and general manager of automotive and discrete device products at STMicroelectronics, said: “Every generation of EyeQ technology proves the value of its products to drivers. As a design and development partner, STMicroelectronics and Mobileye have started to cooperate with EyeQ1. Proving our value. Together we are committed to developing the industry's most advanced fifth-generation advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technology, and ST will continue to provide customers with a safer and more convenient smart driving experience."

Figure 2 - Datong Dayou still launches the EyeQ 5 SOC solution architecture diagram jointly developed by ST and Mobileye

EyeQ5's unique optimized accelerator core performs a variety of computer vision, signal processing and machine learning tasks, including deep neural networks. EyeQ5 integrates four fully programmable heterogeneous accelerators, each optimized to execute a dedicated set of algorithms. The diversified accelerator architecture enables application design to select the most suitable core processor for each task, saving computation time and power. This optimized resource allocation approach ensures that EyeQ5 has the "supercomputer" computing power in a low-power range, allowing automakers to adopt cost-effective passive cooling systems. Mobileye has invested in the development of a family of programmable accelerators for programmable classifications because of the optimistic ADAS and autonomous driving markets.

Mobileye EyeQ5's security features are based on a chip-integrated hardware security module that allows system integrators to support software wireless updates, secure on-board communications and other data security protections. Safe booting of devices from encrypted memory makes the system safe and reliable.

EyeQ5 products provide complete hardware encryption algorithms and application software for autonomous driving for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. In addition, Mobileye will support automotive-grade standard operating systems and provide a complete set of software development kits (SDKs) that allow customers to deploy their own algorithms on EyeQ5 to differentiate their solutions. Software development tools are also used for neural network prototyping and deployment, as well as access to the network layer developed by Mobileye. Architectural elements such as hardware virtualization and full integration between the CPU and the accelerator cache enhance the ease of use of EyeQ5 as an open software platform.

Automated driving requires integration of processing data for dozens of sensors, including high-resolution cameras, radar and LiDAR. The sensor integration process requires the collection and processing of all sensor data simultaneously. Therefore, EyeQ5's dedicated input and output ports support at least 40Gbps of data bandwidth. EyeQ5 provides two PCIe Gen4 ports for communication between processors for system expansion, such as connecting multiple EyeQ5 chips or other application processors.

The EyeQ5 test sample is expected to be released in the first half of 2018. Development platform hardware and a full suite of application software and software development tools are expected to be released in the second half of 2018.

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