Disposal of waste energy-saving lamps must be treated both Energy-saving lamps can achieve environmental protection only if they are reasonably recycled. This depends on the consensus reached by the government, enterprises, and citizens. Only the participation of the three parties can achieve the goal of treatment.

First, vigorously publicize the dangers of randomly discarding used energy-saving lamps. Although energy-saving lamps were included in the National Hazardous Waste List in 2008, many people still know only about the benefits of energy conservation and do not know about the pollution. The environmental protection department and all sectors of society must increase publicity and prohibit the people from arbitrarily discarding. At the same time, the public will be directed to hand over used old energy-saving lamps to the Hazardous Waste Disposal Center.

Secondly, local governments should issue implementation rules as soon as possible, support communities, enterprises, and environmental protection organizations to set up fixed collection points, give material incentives to the waste lamps turned in by residents, and link financial subsidies for energy-saving lamps promotion with the establishment of a recycling mechanism for successful bidders; The central city will establish a harmless treatment center and provide financial and taxation support to reduce the operating costs of the company.

The third is to strengthen the responsibility of production companies. At present, China's “Limiting Requirements for Toxic and Harmful Substances in Electronic Information Products” is an industry-recommended standard and has no mandatory force. Therefore, government departments should establish mandatory industry standards in the area of ​​"hazardous waste" electronic products such as energy-saving lamps to effectively reduce pollution. At the same time, manufacturers of energy-saving lamps should indicate their risk of contamination in prominent locations such as advertising and product packaging.

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