Compared with the trend of Taiwan's extension and chip companies becoming smaller and smaller, the scale is getting bigger and the foreign strategic alliance is getting stronger, the number of mainland extension and chip companies is increasing, which is in stark contrast with Taiwan. It should be said that Taiwan’s success in terms of extension and chip is obvious to all. So is the mainland’s approach a different approach, or is there a misunderstanding that needs to be changed? What is the strategy for mainland epitaxial chip companies to win?

Li Bingjie used his development of LED in Taiwan as a reference to express his views on the extension of the mainland and the development of chips. Taiwan’s transfer of technology from the “Industrial Research Institute” has expanded from one or two companies to more than 20 companies. In 1998, there was a hundred schools of contention. However, after 2005, enterprises began to merge and several companies emerged. The company with great strength has returned to the situation where the number of enterprises is relatively small. Now these companies are also facing new challenges, such as the addition of more powerful competitors. Although the development of continental extension and chip should also consider the overall situation of domestic enterprises, he believes that the size of the enterprise is very important. At present, the speed of seizing the market is more important than others. It is necessary to select several companies with cooperation conditions and strengths for integration, or to re-establish a relatively large-scale enterprise and enter the market quickly. If you continue to take many small companies to try different technologies and then go to the competition and merge this development path, it will delay the opportunity to seize the market.

Li Gang, the general manager of Shanghai Lanbao Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd., stressed the importance of differentiated management. He believes that technology determines the application and the market determines the behavior of the company. At present, the domestic upstream talents are mainly introduced from several large companies in Taiwan and abroad. The technologies they have are very similar, and the applied equipment is the same, which makes the technology and product differences between enterprises small, and the competition of enterprises is concentrated in one aspect. The chances of winning are small, and the consequences of repeated construction, repeated investment, and final elimination occur. Domestic enterprises should make full use of their own characteristics to achieve success, so differentiated management is a strategy for Chinese companies to win. Now LED technology can cover almost all application fields, but different areas of development space, such as mobile phone, TV backlight field development space is relatively large, but SMEs enter the TV backlight market at least three years, so Chinese companies now want Seize different markets with differentiated equipment conditions, technology and production methods.

For the intervention of larger companies (such as TSMC), Li Bingjie believes that it will bring some new changes to the industrial structure. However, although large companies are involved in the field of semiconductor lighting, although they have advantages in terms of capital, they may also have other problems such as lack of channels. . Robert C. Walker, chief executive of SierraVentures in the United States, agrees. He also pointed out that for attractive industries, it is natural for large companies to enter, but the cost of investing in new fields is sometimes high. Large companies can use previous experience. However, it is inevitable that many mistakes will be made. Samsung enters the lighting market as a good example. Wu Enbai summed up the opinions of experts on the basis of interlacing, such as the separation of mountains, and pointed out that it is very important for enterprises to find their own positioning.

Facing the strategic emerging industry of semiconductor lighting, Vice Minister Cao Jianlin expressed his attitude on behalf of the Chinese government: the next step will be to actively support, guide and standardize the development of this industry, which has undoubtedly given the industry a great deal. confidence.

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