LED backlight source Dongbei (2499) will grow at least 70% in 2011, and will challenge NT$12 billion, with a global market share of over 10%.

Samsung, the LED-backlit TV manufacturer, was affected by its influx of CCFL inventory TVs in July 2010. The shipments were reduced and revenues declined. In December 2010, Samsung will trial-produce LED-backlit TVs, which will hope to boost the revenue of LED packaging companies.

The person in charge of the company recently said that according to the major TV factories in Japan and South Korea, there will be 60% of the models in 2011, and LEDs will be used as backlights. In 2011, there will be 70 million to 80 million TVs with 32 inches or more. Using LED as a backlight, Dongbei's revenue in LED backlights in 2011 will exceed NT$8 billion, far exceeding the 2010 revenue of more than RMB5 billion.

LG's latest LEDTV model LEX8, 55-inch thickness to achieve 1.2 cm, known as the world's thinnest LEDTV, this backlight is also supplied by Dongbei.

As the main LED backlight supplier of Samsung and LG, Dongbei has become the first packaging factory in Taiwan to recover in October 2010. It will be available from 2011 and its revenue will also be LED backlight. The new TV model went on the market and rose month by month. It will become the world's four largest LED TV backlight supply plants, with a global market share of 10% to 15%, and the market share of LED backlights in Taiwan is over 50%.

In terms of LED notebooks (NB), Dongbei also won large orders from NB foundries. It is estimated that the market share of NB in ​​2011 will reach 15%, which is double the growth rate of 1% in 2010.

In order to cope with the great growth in 2011, Dongbei's production capacity on both sides will double. At present, Yangzhou has a monthly output of 300 million, and Q3 will increase to 500 million in 2011.

Related stock price 2010/11/18-11:25 Dongbei TWD47.65 (+1.82%)

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