Netcom, recently learned that Dongguan LED street lights officially entered the US market. The 200-inch LED street light in California in the United States has been installed and entered the testing stage. The assistant general manager of Dongguan Keleide Digital Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the project. Miss said: "Because LED lights have the effect of energy saving and emission reduction compared with traditional street lamps, countries are popularizing such street lamps. The market is very large. After the completion of the test at 200 ,, it is expected to be installed more than 3,000 baht. It is the first example of a local LED lamp in Dongguan."

LED lamp energy saving 60%

In fact, LED lamps can save 60% energy compared to traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, and a 100-watt LED lamp can replace 250-watt high-pressure sodium lamps. In Dongguan, a complete LED industry chain has been formed. Leng Xiaoming, member of the Standing Committee of Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, said that Dongguan is expected to add 60,000 LED street lights within five years. At present, it has promoted 20,000 LED street lights in eight towns and streets such as Shilong and Shipai. In this way, it is planned to complete 80,000 baht in 2015.

Not only Dongguan, but also the promotion of LEDs throughout the country, so this market is very large. According to industry insiders, "There are a lot of LED-related technologies in Dongguan that have been used as optoelectronic factories or foundries, and there are traces of LED lights produced in Dongguan all over the country."

Not only that, the international LED street lamp market is also very large, but the threshold is relatively higher. Ms. Zhu, assistant general manager of Dongguan Keleide Digital Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. said: “For example, to enter the US market, UL certification is required.” "But if you really open these markets, it will be very beneficial for the development of Dongguan enterprises, because these are high-tech products, although they are foreign currency settlement, but because of the bargaining power, the short-term settlement can make enterprises not suffer from the traditional The pressure and impact of the appreciation of the RMB in the enterprise can, on the contrary, increase the profit margin."

Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine:

This ploughing cultivator is centered on a rotating column and surrounded by ploughing knives. The land ploughed by our machines is very loose, the soil has been improved, fertilizer and soil conservation. Through cultivated land, the surface soil layer of a year is turned to the lower layer, so soil maturation is accelerated, which is conducive to promoting the journey of soil aggregate structure, thickening the living soil layer, deepening the cultivation layer, and increasing the living soil layer. 


Rotary Cultivator for Agriculture02

Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine Technical Parameters:

1. Cutter shaft: single-axis

2. Tilling width: 2000 mm

3. Size: 2250*750*980 mm

4. Rated power: 51.5-65KW

5. Weight: 386KG

Typical Applications: can be worked in paddy field, dryland or hilly ground.


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Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine

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