Electric blankets to buy large To ensure the safe use of electric blankets, one must be properly selected, and the other is to use properly. Electric blankets usually consist of heating elements, substrates, fabrics, power cords, junction boxes (connections between heating elements and power cords), and control switches (or thermostats). The production process is mainly that the heating element is sewn to the base cloth, and then the power cord is connected, and the sewn heating element and the base fabric are sewn together with a mask. In order to reduce costs, some small workshops often use inferior materials on key heating elements, substrates, and power lines, making it difficult to guarantee the quality of electric blankets produced.

Therefore, in the purchase of electric blankets should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Must be a product that has been inspected by relevant departments or units, and should pay attention to whether it has a production license number. 2. To have a clear and clear sign, the sign should reflect the specifications of the blanket, the manufacturer, and the necessary tips. 3. The area of ​​electric blanket is different, the heating area is also different, usually divided into single, double or triple electric blankets and so on. Whenever possible, choose an electric blanket with a large area. 4. Choose fabrics that are as good as possible. 5. The power of a single electric blanket should not exceed 60W, and the power of a double electric blanket should not exceed 120W. 6. Power check. Put it in the high temperature position, after 5 minutes touch the middle of the electric blanket should be significantly warming. 7. Electric blanket power controller should be complete, smooth, no defects, use flexible, clear switch marks, the use of the power cord should be double sheathed line.

1. offer a comfortable environment in living place

2. the extra decoration while turn-off situation

3. instant start, no speckle, no flickering, no humming

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LED Desk Lamp With Digital Clock

LED Desk Lamp With Digital Clock

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