EU re-establish new regulations for LED lamps Recently, the European Commission’s Ecodesign Directives Committee discussed the directional lamps and all LED lights and related equipment bills, including mandatory CE certification for lamps and luminaires, and the addition of related ErP directives.

These ErP directives include the 1194/2012/EC Directive (Oriented Bulbs, LED Light Bulbs and Other Related Equipment) and the 874/2012/EC Directive (EU Ecodesign Directives for Energy Efficiency Labels for Lamps and Lamps). The applicable product range will include directional compact fluorescent energy-saving lamps (CFLs), other directional lamps (except LED lamps, CFL lamps, and high-pressure gas discharge lamps), non-directional lamps, and directional LED bulbs.

The EU has set up new regulations, which naturally add resistance to LED lighting export companies in China. In other words, this is also an opportunity to increase the market share of the company's own foreign influence. Concerned about information, timely understanding of the latest regulations and directives requirements, will allow companies to timely control the market trends, make choices in the first time; attention to quality, timely development of new and efficient products, to meet the market, will allow companies to further increase market share Get more profit growth points.

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