China Mobile's 100G bidding officially started a few days ago. "China Mobile has already announced the bidding announcement for 100G, with a scale of about 3 billion yuan." A person from the manufacturer who just got the bid revealed. After brewing for 3 years, the preliminary work of 100G finally ended with this first domestic collection.

Five major manufacturers including Shanghai Bell, Huawei, ZTE, FiberHome, and Noci have frequently paved the way for 100G in the past two years. Everyone is fully prepared for the deployment of 100G. The five major manufacturers have all performed well in the previous tests and were shortlisted for this set. Mining.

After ending the 100G live network test in August this year, Huang Xiaoqing of the China Mobile Research Institute said that the most unexpected test was the rapid "entry role" of the manufacturer. It only takes a week from admission to opening, and China Mobile can jump After 40G, directly deploy 100G. After this determination, China Mobile immediately started the 100G bidding. At present, the main traffic pressure of China Mobile comes from coastal provinces. This time 100G will mainly cover the backbone network of coastal provincial companies. It is understood that this time 100G only purchased DWDM system (China Mobile is the target of 100G OTN), after 100G operation will consider deploying router equipment.

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