Recently, the Shenzhen "Shenzhen Quality Report" published by Shenzhen Press Group Publishing House was officially issued. The report is dedicated to promoting the brilliant achievements and great changes made by Shenzhen famous enterprises to create "Shenzhen Quality", and deeply reflects the Shenzhen people's "winning by quality". "The new concept and the "Shenzhen Quality" new benchmark vision of entrepreneurial high-spirited spirits, Shenzhen Huawei, ZTE, and Jiuzhao lighting, more than 100 well-known enterprises have been on the list.

Shenzhen Juzuo Lighting was selected as the LED lighting company in 2011. The reason for the selection was “Guangzhou Lighting has maintained its strong development momentum with its pioneering development and quality advantages in the global LED industry market. When it is responsible, it will pay great attention. In the domestic market, it is a strong military force that has won the attention of the industry and won the respect of the society by promoting the brand with quality and promoting the development strategy with strength.

The Shenzhen Quality Report is dedicated to promoting the brilliant achievements and great changes made by Shenzhen famous enterprises to create "Shenzhen Quality". "Shenzhen Quality Report" is divided into five parts: regional development and people's livelihood quality, model of independent innovation and technological innovation, model of service quality and cultural construction, model of education quality and education innovation, model of brand building and innovation transformation. Shenzhen Juzhu Lighting was selected 46 One of the models of independent innovation and technological innovation of “Shenzhen Quality”.

Focusing on independent innovation, Juzuo Lighting always puts the “create the best product quality and service quality for customers” in the first place, insists on in-depth research on each product design, fully grasps customer needs, strictly checks and carefully Into the micro. The high-tech style, the super-price quality, the determination to be brave and innovative, and the lighting of the exhibition show the slogan of “Shenzhen Creation” and also condense the new generation of “Created in China”. Excellence, the pursuit of excellence - the work will continue to adhere to the "Shenzhen quality" spirit, quality-oriented, quality win, establish product brand, expand market share, will continue to carry forward the "Shenzhen quality" spirit, adhere to the high-end market, highlight product quality To demonstrate professional advantages, standardize the development of the company, create leading brands in the industry, and create more value for customers.

-Overload protection protects the cable from excess current. Circuit breakers trip when the protective device inserted in the device exceeds this level. Power strips for overload protection usually have no power indicator, but they have a reset switch that allows the strip to resume operation after an overload has caused it to trip.

- Master Switch controls power to the outlets on the power bar.

- Multiple Outlets allowing you to plug in multiple electrical devices.

- Qualified Power Cord allowing you extend the outlet 6ft (2 meters) away from the wall or even further.

- pure PC/ABS flame retardant housing.

Power Strip With Overload Protector

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