News on August 12, the "2012 International Optical Fiber Communication Forum" co-sponsored by the Party Committee Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Optical Communication Committee of the Chinese Communications Society, the Fiber Optics and Integrated Optics Professional Committee of the Chinese Optical Society, etc., on August 11-12, 2012 Held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the theme of the forum was "Broadband China · Welcoming the Second Spring of Optical Fiber Communication Development". Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Mobile, China Unicom, the State Grid, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and senior experts in the communications industry at home and abroad attended and delivered speeches The exchange and cooperation between China's optical fiber communication system and the world's counterparts have promoted the development of China's "optical advancement to copper" and "new generation of information technology".

The following is a speech by Xie Xun, general manager of Zhejiang Feierkang Communication Technology Co., Ltd., entitled "RC Gigabit Plastic Optical Fiber Communication Equipment".

Xie Xun: Dear leaders and experts, and all guests, good afternoon! The topic of my speech today is a Gigabit plastic optical fiber communication device based on RCLED, mainly a few large pieces of content. The first feature and application of plastic optical fiber, the second introduction to RCLED. First, let me briefly introduce the basic characteristics of plastic optical fiber. The internal diameter is 1MM, the numerical aperture is 0.5, and the attenuation is 180Db / KM650NM. The dispersion is 40Mhzb50.M.

Here you can see that some applications of plastic optical fiber in short distances, according to different application needs, short-distance low-speed to high-speed solutions, support DC to Gigabit Ethernet installation is convenient. EMI / EMR asks about stability, stable operation under long-term working conditions, reliability, visible light, and realizes fast connection between plastic optical fiber and transceiver module. Let me introduce some of the advantages of plastic optical fiber applications. As long as they use mature LEDs, plastic optical fibers have anti-interference, strong confidentiality and emit visible light that does not damage eyesight. Plastic optical fibers can be used in many fields.

In another conventional open form, the RCLED is adjusted, and the contact mode is high-speed through complex digital balancing. After processing the signal, it is conducted to 1000 Ethernet to the physical layer. And keep it open in the whole operating temperature range. The final performance of the emission concept depends on two aspects, the performance of the RCLED and the driving circuit used. Here shows the RCLED activity area guide to the belt, but also some influence RCLED. The RCLED bandwidth F3 depends on the number of quantum bodies. When the quantum body decreases, the bandwidth will increase.

Some related to temperature can be compensated by driving the temperature in the chip. Here, in order to activate large bandwidth, RCLED uses the principle. Blue shows how to replace RCLED with current. Red is the signal generated by RCLED. Here, by increasing the straight peak of the current, the light rise time can be reduced. The precise timing and amplitude of the peak current depends on the understanding of RCLED. Compensate for these complex currents and temperatures.

Here is a description of the driver chip for Gigabit Ethernet RCLED, using the stated CMOS process, fixed drive parameters, and optimized Firecomms RCLED. Mutually adjustable temperature compensation, fully integrated peaking control, support 100B-FX and 1000B-X. The display here shows that RCLED can operate normally at the same operating temperature. This is one of our company's products. It is a Gigabit Ethernet transceiver module with a transmission rate of 100 trillion to 1.25G. The operating temperature range is -20 to plus 70 degrees. Single 3.3V power supply, compact structure.

To sum up, Firecomms has developed a mature 1.25Gbps RCLED transceiver for shorter distance plastic optical fiber applications. In order to make a low-cost replacement for short-distance glass fiber optic transceivers, it is suitable for various harsh environments, EMI, EMR, anti-interference, and anti-dust.

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