Avago Technologies has introduced two bandpass filters based on advanced thin-film cavity acoustic resonator (FBAR) technology for next-generation 4G WiMAX/LTE handsets, data cards and access points. Avago's ACPF-7024 and ACPF-7025 are a highly selective bandpass filter that delivers unparalleled voice or data transmission quality for next-generation 4G WiMAX/LTE voice communications and wireless band/Bluetooth data networks. Enable two-way voice or data transmission on mobile phones.

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The ACPF-7024 addresses design challenges in today's wireless band and/or Bluetooth® and other wireless standards, such as 2.5 GHz WiMAX, PCS, and Band 7 to 40 LTE, without compromising performance due to adjacent radio interference. The ACPF-7024 is a wireless band/Bluetooth bandpass filter for 2400-2482 MHz that is used in the 2.4 Hz ISM 1 band and exhibits attenuation characteristics for interference signals exceeding 40 dB.

Avago's ACPF-7025 is a miniature 2496-2690 MHz WiMAX bandpass filter combined with a WLAN/wireless band rejection filter. The ACPF-7025 allows WiMAX transceivers to operate synchronously on wireless bands and/or Bluetooth transmitters. The network node band resistance is typically 60 decibels; the PCS band rejection is typically 43 decibels; and the wireless band/Bluetooth band rejection is typically 43 decibels.

Both ACPF-7024 and ACPF-7025 use Avago Technologies' proprietary Thin Film Cavity Acoustic Resonator (FBAR) ultra-small, high-Q technology for higher performance and smaller size. The ACPF-7024 and ACPF-7025 can be assembled very compactly by using Avago's advanced Microcap bonded wafer chip packaging technology and proprietary FBAR filter technology to reduce the size to 2.0x1.6 mm and 2.5x2.5 mm, respectively. Molded chip onboard module.

The ACPF-7024 and ACPF-7025 can be used in mobile phones and portable communication devices such as 4G/LTE cellular for laptops, netbooks and tablets, as well as 802.11 b/g/n WLAN/wireless bands and Bluetooth data communications.

ACPF-7024 ISM Bandpass Features ‧ Low Insertion Loss
- 1.2 dB typical, 2401–2480 MHz • Efficient suppression of interference in the received signal
- 800–2300 MHz band: 33 dB typical
- LTE Band 40: 37 dB typical
- WiMAX 2496–2502 MHz: 30 dB typical
- WiMAX/LTE B7 2502–2690 MHz: 45 dB typical ‧ High transmit power: +27 mW decibels ‧ FBAR filter with ultra-small, high-Q technology ‧ No external matching required: 50Ω input and output ‧ Micro size : 1.6 mm x 2.0 mm and 0.95 mm (length / width / height)
‧ Wide operating temperature range: -30oC to 85oC

ACPF-7025 WiMAX Bandpass Features ‧ Low Insertion Loss
- 2.4 dB typical, 2496.5–2502 MHz
- 2.3 dB typical, 502–2689.25 MHz • Efficient suppression of interference in the received signal
- Network node band: 60 dB typical
- PCS band: 43 dB typical
- Wireless LAN/Wireless Band/Bluetooth Band: Typical value 43 dB‧ High Transmit Power: +33 mW decibels ‧ FBAR filter with ultra-small, high-Q technology ‧ 50Ω input and output ‧ Micro size: 2.5 mm x 2. 5 mm and 1.15 mm (length / width / height)
‧ Loose operating temperature range: -20oC to 85oC (30 mW decibel transmit power)

Packaging and Environmental Handling The ACPF-7024 and ACPF-7025 are available now, using the advanced Microcap bonded chip package technology, ACPF-7024 with 1.6mm x 2.54 pins and a height of 0.95 mm, while ACPF-7025 with 2.5 mm X2.5 mm pin with a height of 1.15 mm. Both are RoHS compliant and are not halogenated and have no TBBPA (tetrabromobisphenol A).

Product availability
ACPA-7024 and ACPF-7025 samples and products are now available from Avago's direct sales channels and global distribution partners.

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