How to choose an adapter for a Bluetooth mouse How to choose an adapter for a Bluetooth mouse
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When people are always sloppy, when they are lucky, they just leave an innocuous little joke. In unfortunate times, it may be a big disaster. When you are big or small, you have to get rid of your money to avoid disasters. Zhongguancun online user Gabrielqianqianruo recently made a slight mistake because of carelessness.

Gabrielqianqianruo friends in the post "I ask you what kind of brand? Bluetooth adapter will choose what brand? What would you like to ask eight different serpent Bluetooth adapter to choose what brand?" Said: "Today, I bought eight snakes wireless mouse, found that the notebook does not have Bluetooth, I do not Understand what adapter can be used, ah, now can not be very tangled, what brand of adapter can I buy ah? Thank you Nano modeling receiver I did not find in Jingdong and Taobao, do not know what model.".

Built-in Bluetooth module is preferred

This one. . After sweating a bit and buying a favorite mouse at a big price, he found that his laptop didn't have a Bluetooth function. It was estimated that Gabrielqianqianruo was very depressed. However, depressed depressed, the mouse has been bought back, destined not to return. When used with a laptop computer, wired connection is not convenient, so the most ideal solution is to purchase a Bluetooth adapter so that it can be connected to the laptop using Bluetooth.

Razer Gossip Snake Gaming Mouse uses a Bluetooth 2.0 solution to connect with a computer. To use its Bluetooth function, you must first configure a Bluetooth adapter for the laptop to add Bluetooth functionality to a notebook that does not have Bluetooth capabilities. There are many versions of Bluetooth adapters on the market, and prices range from a few hundred to over a dozen. However, the most important thing is that since the Bluetooth adapter is connected with the USB interface, it needs to have a USB interface and lose the original advantage of Bluetooth.

It is recommended that Gabrielqianqianruo users first understand their notebooks to see if they have a built-in Bluetooth module interface reserved. If so, they may consider purchasing the corresponding Bluetooth module from the Internet or local sales to install. Avoid the use of the USB interface of an external Bluetooth receiver and experience a more convenient experience.

External Bluetooth adapter is a replacement

Of course, using the built-in Bluetooth module requires a certain amount of hands-on ability and can buy the corresponding module. If Gabrielqianqianruo users consider it more difficult to implement, it is still more convenient to consider buying an external USB Bluetooth adapter.

Both and B2C malls have Bluetooth adapters for sale, and the price is also acceptable to the general public. Gabrielqianqianruo users can browse and buy reviews before they buy to see if the product has quality issues and design pitfalls and avoid buying the problem product.

Generally speaking, if you purchase a qualified product from a regular vendor, there are no significant gaps in product quality due to the use of purchasing chips between brands and self-assembly and processing to produce Bluetooth adapters. Since the gossip snake gaming mouse uses a Bluetooth 2.0 solution Design, so Gabrielqianqianruo users do not blindly pursue the high version of the Bluetooth 4.0 adapter, rational choice can be. For notebook mobile use needs, you can purchase a compact Nano wireless receiver.

Jingdong Mall's ORICO BTA-202 mini USB Bluetooth adapter is compact, affordable, and overall cost-effective. From the review point of view, the user response is relatively good, Gabrielqianqianruo users can consider buying.

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