HTC’s VR has always been a big deal, and the focus of China’s Vive development. However, HTC is still reluctant to announce Vive shipments. According to the city's Canalys data, the mainland was the second largest market for VR glasses in the world last year, while Vive won nearly 18% of the market share and market leading position in the mainland, and converted it into about 53,000 units.

The technology circle strongly embraces VR. The market-adjusted units are estimated from the VR panel purchases of major brands. However, in the face of the lack of enough and attractive VR content, the previous Wall Street Journal pointed out that the main brands of high-end VR glasses Actual shipments may not be as good as expected. Facebook publisher Zu Kebo said in a public speech that he does not think that VR will have a significant profit contribution in the next few years, and that HTC’s Vive shipments are even more curious.

Canalys said that the mainland was the second largest market for VR glasses in the world last year, with an estimated total shipment of about 300,000 units. In terms of the mainland market share of 15%, it is reasonable to estimate that the total global VR glasses shipments last year was about 200. The spectrum of Wantai is significantly lower than the estimates of the original market agencies.

Canalys pointed out that Vive has achieved a shipment of 17.7% in the mainland with a relatively stable financial and complete ecosystem, equivalent to about 53,000 units shipped in the mainland last year. However, if HTC’s Vive shipments on the mainland are used as a benchmark, HTC’s global shipments may be only 350,000 units.

The runner-up is a big friend of the main machine (the computing, drawing and battery are all built in VR glasses). Because the processor and AMOLED panel are fully supported by Samsung, last year it accounted for 16.9% in the mainland market, equivalent to shipping 5.07. Wantai, after the Vive.

As for Sony in the Japanese market and the VR market in Europe and the United States, Sony has suffered from insufficient content on the mainland. PSVR accounted for only 7.7% of the mainland market last year, and it was converted into only 23,100 units of shipments. market. The 3Glasses, the mainland brand with the closest product specifications and effects to Vive, took the third place with a market share of 9.4%, and shipped more than 5,000 units in the mainland.

Canalys said that the local VR glasses brand in mainland China will face more challenges in 2017, mainly because the major shareholders of these investment banks hope that the VR glasses industry's revenue and profitability will improve, while the VR glasses industry's resources in technology and content. It is very limited.

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