[Text|High- tech LED reporter Zhao Hui] After nearly three years of development, COB packaging technology has become one of the main technologies of LED packaging in the past two years. The proportion of COB devices in lighting applications is also increasing. The investment of major packaging companies in the field of COB is also increasing.

Since June, Huagao Optoelectronics has brought a full range of COB light sources for LED lighting to frequent domestic and international exhibitions, which has attracted wide attention from customers at home and abroad. Among them, the dimming color COB light source is the most interesting.

In the recent WeChat voting stage of the 2014 High-tech Golden Globe Awards Integrated Device Awards, Huagao Optoelectronics successfully selected this dimming COB light source.

“This COB product is unique in its structure and process. It can be used in various types of lamps such as ceiling lamps, downlights, track lights, PAR lamps, bulb lamps, table lamps, etc. It is suitable for home, business, entertainment and other places to create warmth. The comfortable lighting environment can completely replace similar foreign products.” Zheng Cuijiao, Marketing Director of Huagao Optoelectronics, said.

According to the reporter, the dimming color COB light source adopts the principle of independent control of two-channel current and the mixed light of warm light and white light. The color temperature is adjustable from 2600 to 7000K, the color rendering index is greater than 80, and the luminous efficiency is greater than 100lm/ W. In the dimming process, the change of the color coordinates satisfies the international standard. Compared with the foreign products of the same type, all the parameters are basically the same.

Previously, Huagao Optoelectronics ranked among the top 10 companies in China's COB packaging output value according to the COB package revenue scale of each company by the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII). Fifth place.

It is understood that at present, Huagao Optoelectronics COB packaging production line has more than 10, in addition to the company has established a high-power LED light source production base in Jiangxi, the first phase has completed capacity expansion of 20 production lines, including the addition of COB production line 10, all using imported equipment to prepare for large-scale production.

Next, the top three valid votes for each award (including juxtaposition) products will be shortlisted for the 2014 (5th) High-tech LED Golden Globe Awards, which will be finalist in the expert judges stage. The organizing committee will give the period from October 15th to 31st. The expert judges will send the ballots to vote offline, and the judges of the expert judges will determine the final winners of the Golden Globe Awards.
   A list of expert judges: http://
On the evening of December 13, the Golden Globe Awards will be announced on the spot and a grand award ceremony will be held. At the same time, the 2014 high LED annual meeting, which has attracted much attention from the industry, will be held on December 12-13, 2014 at the Dongguan Guanlan Lake Dongguan Club. This high-tech LED annual meeting, standing at the turning point of historical development, invited industry entrepreneurs to mention the industry development keywords from the three directions of “transformation”, “upgrade” and “future”, and elaborated on the viewpoint of industrial elites.

2014 High-tech LED Annual Conference Opens Crowdfunding Mode 400 seats for recognition

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