Editor's note: If the general unification of the sentence is careless, it may cause military conflict; a man's cruel words may destroy a tricky life; a timely sentence of his wife may reduce the pressure of the crisis; if a girl expresses love, it may give Wang Laowu eternal happiness; then the boss Will a sentence of design innovation and gratitude make the world's lighting designers happy for three months? ! Hey, you are right!

The interaction with a boss in Wuxi a few days ago is very pleasant, because few bosses have such an idea. They pay special attention to the landscape of the lamps and give us a lot of space for the innovative design of the lamps. The luminaire design team has been studying such issues. Is it so difficult to see the innovation of the street lamp industry in the case of the huge investment failure of so many LED street lamps? Where is the design direction of LED street lights?

At present, in the development of LED street lights around the world, we have summarized the following:

First, the idea of ​​domestic traditional street lamp development is represented by the academic school. The functionality of LED is too much. The homogenization of products is very serious. The price of street lamps ranges from 2800-8800. The fierce competition is inevitable. And the user is naturally at a loss, it is difficult to figure out who is using the LED street light? Because at this stage, the LED lighting industry has neither brands nor standards! A few people in front of the scorpion sipping, flicking, too unreliable...

Dr. Yuan Pulong's new product promotion experience is for your reference. When we promoted high-pressure sodium lamps 20 years ago, the first thing I want to know is who needs the high-pressure sodium lamp most? Many companies have made mistakes, thinking that it is a municipal street lamp. Actually, it is not. At that time, high-pressure mercury lamps were commonly used on the streets. The price is only one-fifth of that of high-pressure sodium lamps. What do you say about light efficiency and energy saving? Where can I understand it? Leaders are very bureaucratic. See you everywhere. !

Dr. Yuan Pulong was quite pragmatic and ordered to stop all media advertising, although at that time his old man had won the first prize of scientific progress in the province, Nanjing Science and Technology Innovation Top Ten Youth, enjoying special allowances, etc., but the factory Thousands of workers in the waiting for the high-pressure sodium lamp to quickly sell the silver to pay wages! At that time, there was technical funding support! There is no such thing as a person who is engaged in LED street lights.

Dr. Yuan Pulong and the maintenance worker took the train for one night and came to Qingdao Port, where the sales staff was very reluctant to go. It was discovered at the land that the traffic was very inconvenient and the environment was very bad. It was hot in the summer of July. I really want to vomit! However, Dr. Yuan Pulong still came to the maintenance electrician class at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The workers just got up at lunchtime and were finishing the tools to prepare for work. The arrival of Dr. Nanjing made the simple northern men very surprised. ! We are naturally treated as a hero!

At 4:30, the young man slowed down and the sun was not so hot. Dr. Park Long and the electrician squad leader Xu Laoda climbed the 45m high crane tower to carry out the lighting maintenance. When they reached the above, they really understood why the lights were high. Anti-vibration, seawater anti-corrosion performance and the light efficiency and longevity of the light source are very important for the first-line installation workers brothers! The electrician masters said with tears: The lamps you design should never be climbed up for repair, the light bulbs can never be broken! Who is willing to climb up in such a weather to repair the lights, do you think it is so exciting for mountain adventure?
Therefore, Dr. Yuan Pulong vowed to make energy-saving light sources with long life as long as possible (such as double-tube high-pressure sodium lamp 48000h) and maintenance-free lamps (integrated die-casting lamps)! Do not believe, do the LED lighting boss you go climb and climb to see?

High-pressure sodium lamps have been successfully used in municipal lighting, and have been popular in the world, and have been popularized around the world. But time has passed 20 years, what is the concept of 20 years? It turns out that the young talents who are now in full swing are about to hold their grandchildren! Dr. Long’s company has grown into the world’s largest HID supplier controlled by listed companies.

Do the bosses who do LED lighting not to replace them? Who is leading? Huawei's old bosses dare not say this! Still, like Dr. Park Yong, the pragmatic point is easy to be respected. The ancestors did not say it, low-key people, high-profile lights!

Second, the LED trails that meet the urban landscape lighting, international brands have launched exploratory products, personalization is very strong, and there is very little competition. Dr. Yuan Park Long’s lighting design team is planning and designing N models for international brands... Lamps are much more conservative than our Chinese. They can't be sold immediately, and there is no market return. They don't invest. Do you really think Harvard's Ph.D. is slower than Tsinghua?

Third, LED landscape road lamps emphasize the breakthrough of traditional street lighting ideas. It is best to integrate lamps and light poles to meet the lighting requirements of urban landscape avenues. It is hoped that there will be uniform style LED trail lighting fixtures to achieve a harmonious urban landscape. The effect of the current product and market competition are blank.

The third way of thinking is of course the most difficult, and the profit space is also the biggest. It is more far-sighted to make breakthroughs from this kind of thinking! A few years ago, some of our designers' designs were very avant-garde. So far, the works are still lying in the safe, because few people have this kind of vision. Now they are coming, we feel promising!

We have noticed that the application of LED in the field of commercial lighting and home lighting is faster than our imagination. If you are really ahead of the technical aspects of LED, it will be a good market to enter the landscape LED road lighting. Cut the entrance.

In the field of urban lighting in China, the leader’s psychology and decision-making power are N times longer than those in Europe. Therefore, landscape-type LED road lamps are quite different from European functional street lamps. At this stage, LED road lamps must be It is still too early to get a lot of sales into the channel. It is more sensible to promote LED street lights and trail lights with landscape lighting projects.

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