[High-tech LED News] It is reported that Japan's LED-related patents account for 27.9% of the world, and China only accounts for 9.34%. The Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau of Foshan has visited the Japanese delegation twice to focus on Japanese LED industry companies. The person in charge said that Japan is the most important area for attracting investment from Foshan LED. At present, it has reached a certain willingness to cooperate, or has corresponding results in this year and next.

According to reports, the investment in Japan will give priority to high-tech SMEs. The relevant person in charge of the Investment Promotion Center of Foshan Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau said that Japan’s chip and epitaxial wafer companies have more patents, and Foshan has an absolute advantage in the packaging field. Japanese LED quality enterprises will supplement the industrial chain to the high-end development.

Foshan Momotaro Company revealed that after the earthquake in Japan, three or four batches of Japanese companies came to Foshan to investigate the investment situation, including LED lighting companies. The company analyzed that Japanese companies have a stronger desire to invest abroad after the earthquake, but more companies are small in scale, and they must dare to come out in search of the safest and most efficient investment methods.

After the inspection, Foshan began to harvest investment projects. The Nanhai Japan Small and Medium Enterprises Park, which was launched at the end of last year, has welcomed four Japanese companies. Most of them are auto parts companies.

The Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau of Foshan said that the former Japanese capital was only the transfer of manufacturing links with low profit and simple process. After the earthquake, there will be a breakthrough. Japan will strengthen the consolidation of the industrial chain of foreign investment and accelerate the transfer of high-tech technology to China. Foshan is developing in the stage of traditional industrial upgrading and upgrading of emerging industries, and can cooperate with Japanese-funded enterprises.

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