According to Japanese media reports, in April 2010, according to statistics from Japan, the sales of LED bulbs in about 4,000 home appliance stores accounted for 56% of the total volume of bulbs sold in stores, which was 7 times higher than that in March 2010. Percentage points.

In terms of actual penetration rate, the proportion of LED bulbs in the total bulb sales in Japan in April 2010 has increased from 13% in March to 18%, and the growth rate is staggering.

At present, the Japanese government has increased its efforts to encourage LED lighting policies. LED bulbs have been listed as subsidies for the Eco-Point system, and it is expected to accelerate the popularity of Japanese LED bulbs.

EMI Shielding Filter

EMI filters have function of suppression of electromagnetic noises on the power supply line of the electronic equipments, the effective frequency range can be from tens of KHz up to GHz. EMI filter has been widely used in telecom equipments, medical equipments, power supply system, machinery, automation and military industries. More than 300 types of standard products are currently delivered to customers all over the world in various industrial sectors, the major products include feedthrough components, single phase filter, three or four line filter, PCB filter, IEC inlet filter and customized products.

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Emi Shielding Filter

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