[High-tech LED News] Jiazhang's consolidated revenue in August was NT$755 million, up 13.8% from July, with an annual growth rate of 3.27%. The cumulative revenue for January-August was 5.422 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 0.65%.

Jia Zhang said that due to the increase in production capacity, as well as the increase in shipments of tablets, notebook computers and LED TV products, and the strengthening of Korean and mainland customers, there will be an opportunity to challenge the new record high of NT$ 806 million in September. Q2 increases between 5% and 10%.

4-layer Medical Treatment PCB Board, Base Material: FR4 TG135.  inner/outer copper thickness 1/1.5 oz. Immersion Gold 3U" surface finished. With green colour solder mask and white silkscreen. Board thickness 1.0 mm. Min.line width/Min.line spacing 0.12/0.15 mm. 20-up connect with the routed&v-cut, 100% E-test pass.  there are Vias in pad need to be filled with resin and copper cap. Outline Profile tolerance +/-0.1 mm. line width / distance tolerance +/-15%. hole copper 30 um.The medical treatment PCB boards are usually of high precision, strict control of various tolerances required

Medical Treatment Pcb Board

Medical Treatment PCB Board

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