LED epitaxial leader Jingyuan Optoelectronics (2448) 's share price fell below 20% of its net worth. With more than 1,400 patents, the cash on the account is as high as 10 billion yuan, which has made Jingdian's sales phase better. Many international lighting factories came to Taiwan to inquire about Jingdian's private placement case, and Jingdian is also evaluating the implementation of treasury stocks.

Epistar is not a company that easily implements treasury stocks. The last implementation was during the financial tsunami. At that time, Jingdian ’s net worth per share was 35 yuan. When the stock price fell below 30 yuan, Jingdian started the treasury stock mechanism. The net value per share of the electricity is 50.4 yuan, and the recent battle of 40 yuan has been in line with the internal launch of the treasury stock mechanism of Jingdian.

According to reports, the application of LEDs in lighting is an obvious trend, but LED lighting manufacturers around the world do not have the technology and production capacity of LEDs. Therefore, based on the idea of ​​consolidating LED upstream materials, they are in private contact with Jingdian.

Jing Shixian spokesman Zhang Shixian said that there have been more lighting companies to inquire about Jingdian's private placement case recently, but there is no final decision yet. In the first half of this year, Jingdian ’s board of directors approved that it will not exceed 250 million shares for private placement and plans to introduce LED lighting strategic partners.

Zhang Shixian said that for the introduction of strategic alliances, Jingdian has always been open, and the other party must meet several qualities: including having an estuary, which is beneficial to Jingdian ’s technological development and complementary patents.

The major shareholders of Jingdian said that although the LED industry was disturbed by the subsidy policy in mainland China in the short term and the supply and demand were unbalanced, so that Jingdian still suffered a small loss in the first three quarters, but in terms of mid- and long-term development, the current price of Jingdian is quite cheap. The net value of electricity per share is 50.4 yuan, the market price is below 41 yuan, and the stock price drops to 80% of the net value, ranking first in the LED listed company.

In addition, Jingdian ’s account has 10 billion yuan in cash at the end of September, and yesterday ’s total market value was only 35.181 billion yuan, and Jingdian ’s patents have more than 1,400. Recently, Sanan participated in the share of Canyuan. Currently, there are only 250 patents for Yuanyuan, while Sanan has about 200 patents, which lags far behind that of Jingdian. The major shareholder revealed that the opening of the LED industry in the government has made the sales of Jingdian become very good.

In order not to sell cheaply, taking into account the interests of shareholders, according to major shareholders, the sales team of Jingdian believes that the value of the company is underestimated. Although the probability of a land-funded factory acquiring maliciously in the market is not high, the company also believes that it has arrived at the warehouse. At the time of stocks, if the stock price continues to be 20% discount to the net value, Jingdian may propose treasury stocks in the next board of directors. Coincidentally, before the strategic alliance with Sanan, Canyuan also bought back 20,000 treasury stocks.

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