There are only two major suppliers of LED sapphire crystal rods in Korea, including Sapphire Technology Co., Ltd. (STC) and Astek. Among them, STC has supplied sapphire crystal rods since 2000; Astek has only been supplied since the end of 2009. The Korean sapphire crystal rod market is not as good as STC.

The global sapphire crystal rod market is now dominated by Rubicon, the Russian company Monocrystal, etc., but Samsung LED (Samsung LED), LG Innotek and other Korean LED factories have expanded their production, and their demand for LED sapphire crystal rods has increased, prompting the recent STC and Astek has expanded its production plan. In addition, Iljin Display, Crystal On and other LED sapphire crystal rod cutting plants continue to increase production capacity.

Comparing the production techniques of sapphire ingots from STC and Astek, the STC adopts the independent technology - Vertical Horizontal Gradient Freezing (VHGF) method; Astek introduces the Russian technology - Kyropolus method.

STC plans to increase its monthly production capacity of LED sapphire crystal rods to about 350,000 pieces (based on 2 inches) by the end of 2010, and will build a new factory with 6-inch crystal rods. It is expected that STC sapphire crystal rods will be completed by the end of 2011. The monthly production capacity has a chance to double from the end of 2010; Astek also plans to significantly increase its long crystal equipment to close the gap between its production capacity and STC.

In terms of LED sapphire ingot cutting, the main Korean manufacturers are Iljin Display and Crystal On. By the end of the second quarter of 2010, the two Korean factories have continued to expand their cutting capacity. As for their supply targets, Samsung LEDs are expected to be occupied. The proportion will continue to rise. The Hans LCD, a Korean company that cooperates with Samsung Electronics' LCD backlight module, has acquired Crystal On shares, and Samsung LED accounts for 60% of Iljin Display shipments.

In addition, due to the increased demand for sapphire ingots from Korean LED factories, Korea's sapphire crystal rod factory such as STC and Astek, or sapphire crystal rod cutting factory such as Iljin Display and Crystal On, will continue to expand production and estimate its revenue in 2010. Can be expected to grow significantly.

Korea LED Sapphire Crystal Bar Factory STC and Astek Technology List


Note: The full name of VHGF is Vertical Horizontal Gradient Freezing.

Source: STC, Astek, DIGITIMES, 2010/8

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