A few days ago, at the recruitment meeting of the Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center, the bustling crowd patrolled various positions. However, in front of a booth of Led's optoelectronics company, there were not many people who came to invest in resumes. In addition to recruiting grassroots posts, the company also wrote marketing directors and R&D directors with an annual salary of 200,000 yuan on the recruitment exhibition.

According to the staff of the organizer of the recruitment fair, the recruitment fair gathered more than 500 well-known enterprises in Anhui and provided 20,000 jobs.

Compared with some of the posts, the lighting company in Led in the province seems to have some advantages. The reporter saw on the company's exhibition that the company, in addition to recruiting finance, sales and other grassroots jobs, also wrote in a blank place with a black marker: the director of recruitment marketing, with an annual salary of 200,000; the director of research and development, with an annual salary of 200,000. Product manager, annual salary of 150,000.

The reporter stood at the booth for 20 minutes and did not see a person coming to apply for these positions. The reporter asked the company's staff responsible for the recruitment, Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun said that he wrote these posts from 9:00, and now more than an hour has passed, no one cares, but the resume of the grassroots posts. More.

"The main force of this job fair seems to be a fresh graduate, so everyone is relatively in line with grassroots positions. We are not counting on recruiting such high-end talents, just want to convey a message at such job fairs."

During the conversation, a mature man suddenly came to the position of marketing director. The two sides talked about ten minutes. The man left the resume and left. The reporter asked beforehand that the 36-year-old Mr. Fan also worked as a sales general manager and marketing director in the original company.

At 12 noon, when the Led Optoelectronics Company was preparing to dismantle the exhibition, Mr. Sun told the reporter, “So far, only one person has applied for the marketing director. No other high-paying positions are employed, and the annual salary we can write can be achieved. It will even exceed."

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