Instruments capable of transmitting light, distributing, and changing the light distribution of the light source include all zeros and parts required for fixing and protecting the light source except the light source, and line accessories necessary for connection with the power source.

Symmetric light distribution type (asymmetric light distribution type):
A luminaire with a symmetrical (asymmetric) light intensity distribution. Symmetry is determined by one axis or one plane.

Direct type lighting:
Can emit 90% to 100% of direct luminous flux to the lower part of the lamp.

Semi-direct light fixtures:
A lamp that can emit 60%-90% of direct luminous flux to the lower part of the lamp.

Diffuse lamps:
A lamp that can emit 40% to 60% of luminous flux to the lower part of the lamp.

Semi-indirect lighting:
A lamp that can emit 10% to 40% of direct luminous flux to the lower part of the lamp.

Indirect lighting:
Lamps that can emit direct luminous flux below 10% to the lower part of the lamp.

Wide lighting type:
Lamps that distribute the pool within a relatively large solid angle.

Zhongzhao lamps:
A light fixture that distributes light within a medium solid angle.

Deep lighting fixtures:
Light fixtures that distribute light within a small solid angle.

Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine:

This ploughing cultivator is centered on a rotating column and surrounded by ploughing knives. The land ploughed by our machines is very loose, the soil has been improved, fertilizer and soil conservation. Through cultivated land, the surface soil layer of a year is turned to the lower layer, so soil maturation is accelerated, which is conducive to promoting the journey of soil aggregate structure, thickening the living soil layer, deepening the cultivation layer, and increasing the living soil layer. 


Rotary Cultivator for Agriculture02

Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine Technical Parameters:

1. Cutter shaft: single-axis

2. Tilling width: 2000 mm

3. Size: 2250*750*980 mm

4. Rated power: 51.5-65KW

5. Weight: 386KG

Typical Applications: can be worked in paddy field, dryland or hilly ground.


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Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine

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