After the Lantern Festival is over, the Spring Festival is really over. Therefore, the merchants will seize the last promotion opportunity and catch the last bucket of gold in the first month. If you did not choose a satisfactory home appliance during the Spring Festival, you may wish to go to the store on the Lantern Festival. You may be able to choose a satisfactory product.

Someone asked Mr. Xiaobian whether to buy a washing machine or a washing machine. Frankly speaking, the advantages and disadvantages of both are obvious. You can choose the right product according to your own living conditions and usage habits. In general, the advantages of the pulsator washing machine are high washing rate, water saving, power saving, low consumption of detergent, low price, convenient movement and time saving; the disadvantage is that the laundry is relatively damaged and easy to entangle during washing. . The advantage of the drum washing machine is that it can damage the clothes during washing, and can wash the high-grade materials such as silk. Washing and drying can be completed at one time, fine workmanship, pleasant appearance, and troublesome; the disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to move from major inconvenience, compared with other washing machines, water, electricity, detergent consumption, high price, time-consuming.

Therefore, Xiao Bian specially selected three pulsator washing machines and three drum washing machines to meet your different needs.

Product Name: Haier wave washing machine XQS60-BJ1128

Haier washing machine XQS60-BJ1128 has a new touch technology, turning the operation panel into Itouch, keeping up with the trend, easy to use, and very eye-catching.

The innovative Itouch touch panel combines fashion and practicality to create a more comfortable life.

The tempered glass cover is translucent, wearable and beautiful, suitable for young people who are looking for fashion.

Specially designed fast washing program, start washing clothes with a small amount of water, rinse, dehydrate and dry simultaneously, saving time and effort. The machine adopts frequency conversion technology, which can adjust the washing speed and the dehydration speed according to the different washing materials. The washing speed is 0-180 rpm, and the drying speed is 300-900 rpm, which can better protect the clothes. Easy to wash cashmere and blankets. Automatic sensing technology, to meet a variety of laundry requirements, can automatically sense the weight of clothing and clothing, intelligent programming, automatically choose the laundry time, water consumption and electricity consumption for the clothes you want to wash, one-click laundry to save trouble, accurate and more Convenience.

The humanized design is worthy of praise, such as the reservation function, to achieve 2-24 hours of scheduled washing, the appointment time is the end of washing time, easy to wash at any time, enjoy a comfortable life, especially suitable for office workers and time-of-use electricity prices. The child safety lock can be set, and the child lock function is enabled during the washing process to prevent the child from misusing the program and ensuring the normal operation of the washing machine and the safety of the child.

The machine has a dual-power design, the pulsator and the inner cylinder are driven by two forces, rotating in both directions, producing a strong "boiling" water flow, deep through the clothing fibers, thoroughly peeling off the stains, and strongly washing the clothes, while at the same time being low in wear and anti-winding.

The pulsator is added with antibacterial material to make the washing machine have antibacterial function, avoiding cross infection of the clothes, and preventing mildew of the plastic and prolonging the service life of the washing machine.

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