First, the intelligent sweeping robot reporter believes that it is a sunrise industry. As the technology matures and the cost decreases, it will enter the ordinary people's home. I would like to invite you to introduce:

1. The history of the development of intelligent sweeping robots.

2. What are the brand rankings of smart sweeping robots in the industry today, and what are the brand manufacturers with R&D capabilities?

Second, please introduce the main performance of the next good sweeping robot product from a professional point of view. How are the products seen in the market basically the same, what are the differences between the products, and from which aspects can be measured What is the quality of the product?

Third, for ordinary consumers, how to choose to buy, please introduce the selection method?

4. Is there any skill in using smart sweeping robots?

V. Please introduce the future development trend of the industry.

History of robot sweepers:

Since 2002, an automatic sweeper named “Trilobite” has been introduced. Up to now, the industry of sweeping robots has experienced continuous upgrading and changes in the industry for 11 years.

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