Driven by the demand of the mainland LED TV market, and this year's mobile device is a blessing, the LED factory's large-size LED backlight will continue to be extended to October, and the small and medium size will continue until November, which is better than the previous off-season. Attenuation of performance, crystal power, Yuyuan, Dongbei and other major manufacturers are expected to receive backlight orders in the fourth quarter, the season reduction will be better than the traditional off-season.

Benefiting from the strong demand for LED TVs in mainland China, the growth momentum of LED factories in the second half of the year is still in the backlight products. Following the strong demand for LED TVs in the mainland, the TV factory is also appearing in the mainland after the LED factory receives orders in the third quarter. The Lunar New Year's stocking action also allowed large-size LED backlight orders to continue until October, including Jingdian, Yuyuan and Dongbei in October, which continued to have large-size backlight orders.

Jingdian believes that the overall decline in the fourth quarter is not expected to fall by as much as 20% in previous years. Yuanyuan pointed out that the fourth season is the traditional off-season of LEDs, but this year's large-size backlight orders are better than expected. Orders have been extended to October. It is estimated that orders will be weakened in November, but in addition to large-size backlight requirements. In addition, the demand for small and medium-sized backlights is also a major engine for the growth of the second half of the year. Due to the continued strong demand for mobile devices, the small and medium-sized backlight orders are expected to continue until November, driving the overall fourth quarter revenue performance will be better than the past off-season. which performed.

Dongbei, a downstream packaging manufacturer, also said that the large-size backlight needs of TV manufacturers have not stopped for the large-size backlight, touch panel and domestic lighting orders. In addition, there are a number of tablet PCs in the fourth quarter. Compared with the traditional off-season in previous years, the off-season effect is expected to be deferred for 2 months.

Solar road light is a crystalline silicon solar battery power supply, valve control type sealed and maintenance-free battery, gel battery) to store electrical energy, super bright LED as light source, lamps and lanterns and controlled by the intelligent charging and discharging controller, is used to instead of the traditional public power lighting lamps.

Solar Street Light Battery

Solar road light working principle

1. Using the microcomputer intellective controller to transfer the light energy to electrical energy.Easy to install since to wiring and trenching,energy conservation and environmental protection.

2. The microcomputer intellective controller is composed by advanced special-purpose integrated circuit,high conversion efficiency,prevent over-load and over-discharge,Output short circuit protection,extend work life,on the safe side,convenient usage.

3. High effective Non-maintaining accumulator cell,strong storage,durable usage.

4. Automatic track type time controller,Automatically adjust the working time along with different illumination time in various seasons.For extending the work time energy conservation intellective controller with automatic shut-off the light at Deep-night.

Solar Street Light



Solar Street Light

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