Robert Steele, a US market research firm, Strategies Unlimited, pointed out that LED has achieved great success in the lighting market. Compared with the 24% increase in 2009, the LED lighting market will continue to maintain this growth momentum in 2010, and the growth rate will reach 32%. However, LED bulb replacement lamps will become the most important growth area in the lighting market before the LED general lighting market has actually started. Robert Steele predicts that the average annual growth rate of LED composites for lighting will reach 44% in the next five years.

According to Vrinda Bhandarkar of Strategies Unlimited, the market is highly fragmented, including many special applications. Architectural lighting will occupy a large market share in the next few years. At present, LED lighting applications still have small amount, high cost and poor product quality. Qi situation. Before the LED general lighting market has really started, LED bulb replacement lamps will become the most important growth area, followed by outdoor lighting. It is expected that by 2013, the market share of bulb replacement lamps will be the largest part of solid-state lighting (SSL) applications. Mass production will reduce costs and will withstand the pressure of falling prices and keep profits.

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