Low-voltage electrical appliances rely on "reliability"

With the adjustment of the product structure of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry, low-end products will gradually withdraw from the market, and the market size of mid-to-high-end products will become larger and larger. At this time, the key to competition is product quality and service quality. Product quality is fundamental to the survival of enterprises. The quality of service can maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. It can be said that whoever masters advanced technology and has continuous product research and development capabilities, everyone will have the initiative in the market. For the low-voltage electrical industry, quality will determine the fate of production companies. While pursuing the diversity of electrical products, consumers have also put forward more stringent requirements on their stability.

In the increasingly fierce competition today, the competition in the low-voltage electrical industry is the competition of product quality and reliability. The irreplaceability of low-voltage electrical products in the energy distribution process is directly related to the end user's electricity safety, so the stability and reliability of the products are particularly important.

Definition of reliability of low voltage electrical appliances

The reliability of low-voltage electrical appliances refers to the ability of products to fulfill specified functions under specified conditions and within specified time. The reliability of products is an important part of product quality. "The quality of a product should strictly include both performance and reliability. Although a product has a high performance index, it cannot be counted as a good quality product if its reliability is not high." Lu Yuguo, a professor at Hebei University of Technology, said.

In order to quantitatively evaluate the reliability of low-voltage electrical products, the reliability characteristics of the product are specified. Low-voltage electrical products can be divided into two categories: repairable products and non-repairable products. A repairable product is a product that can be repaired and can continue to be used after it has failed. An unrecoverable product is a product that cannot be repaired or is not worth fixing after it fails. Circuit breakers and larger contactors in low-voltage electrical appliances are usually repairable products; small-capacity contactors, control relays, and small relays are usually non-repairable products. Product reliability characteristics vary depending on whether the product is repairable or not.

As we all know, various low-voltage electrical appliances are used in power systems and low-voltage power distribution systems. If these low-voltage electrical appliances fail, power systems and low-voltage power distribution systems fail, causing power outages, and even jeopardizing the safety of power supply lines and electrical equipment. The economic loss caused by it will be even greater.

The reliability of an automatic control system depends essentially on the reliability of the components used in the system. At the same time, the reliability of the system generally decreases as the number of components used in the system increases. With the development of the system toward large-scale, more and more components are used in an automatic control system. As long as one of the components fails, the entire automatic control system will generally cause a failure, which may cause major economic losses. The reliability of the electrical components used in the control system becomes more and more important.

Reliability and product quality peers can complement each other

The low-voltage electrical appliance market has gradually expanded with the construction of power facilities. In recent years, the demand for low-voltage electrical appliances at home and abroad has generally been expanding. However, according to Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Model Association, while the low-voltage electrical appliance market is developing well, the industry Enterprises lack sufficient independent research and development capabilities and lack high-end market competitiveness. According to Luo Baihui's analysis, compared with the large-scale international advanced manufacturers, manufacturers of low-voltage electrical appliances have a large difference in their overall technology and production levels. In particular, the overall scale of low-voltage electrical appliances is relatively small, and resources in all aspects are relatively dispersed. Most of them are faced with repeated research and development or mimicry of each other in the low-end areas.

Foreign low-voltage electrical advanced manufacturers have successively introduced a new generation of low-voltage electrical products from the end of the last century to the beginning of this century. This batch of products is supported by new technologies, new materials, and new processes, and has made major breakthroughs in product performance, structure, miniaturization, features, and functions. In contrast, the vast majority of companies in the low-voltage electrical industry do not yet have the capability to develop products with independent intellectual property rights.

In the survey, the reporter found that: At present, in the low-voltage electrical appliance market, private capital accounts for 90% of low-voltage electrical companies. Most of these business owners are originally started by workshop-style enterprises. These enterprises rely on their materials to process and create profits. survive. It is not easy to want them to become companies with independent research and development capabilities in a short period of time. “Now we are the most concerned issues of these private owners, which is how much we need to invest in this area. There is no authority and no experts can guarantee that these private enterprises can gain 100% after strengthening their product reliability. The cards can also earn some money. If we invest heavily in the reliability of the research products, we may lose everything once we fail,” said a person in charge of a private low-voltage electrical equipment manufacturing company.

He Jiang, a researcher at the State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute, believes that the current low-voltage electrical industry in China is at a middle-level level and cannot be said to be a cutting-edge level. However, China's low-voltage electrical industry also needs great efforts in terms of process, design, and manufacturing. Our performance is not too far away from the international, and even some are beyond, but reliability is not. “The consumers are most concerned about performance, reliability and safety. Foreign products can be used for several years and there is basically no fault, but China is slightly lacking in this area. Our performance is good, but it will soon be repaired. , so we must work hard in terms of reliability."

"Although each time the maintenance personnel are on call, it is really annoying." Beijing consumer Ms. Zhang told reporters that local brands have good after-sales service, so when the home was renovated four years ago, , Low-voltage electrical products updated when they chose a well-known domestic brands. As a result, low-voltage electrical products were repaired three times in four years. Although Ms. Zhang fully enjoyed the convenience and convenience of the brand's after-sales service, she also felt helplessly experiencing the inconvenience caused by the product's failure. “Actually, the company puts a good factory clearance for consumers, so that every product sold to consumers does not require maintenance, this is the best after-sales service.” Ms. Zhang said so.

According to a survey conducted by reporters in large stores such as Gome and Suning, most consumers are paying attention to product quality when they purchase products. For all types of product extension services currently being promoted by supermarkets, consumers, Mr. Zhang, said that although this gives consumers more use protection, if the products are really good quality, there is no need to spend this amount of money. .

“Commonly speaking, reliability refers to the frequency of product failure, or the probability that a product will not fail within a certain period. This performance reflects the quality and safety of the product during its life cycle, and the product must not only be easy to use. In addition, the overall reliability of low-voltage electrical products in China is not high, and problems such as multiple failures, difficult maintenance, and poor safety have seriously affected the reputation in the international market and also affected the feelings of consumers in China. Lu Jianguo, Minister of Inspection of the National Household Electrical Appliances Quality Supervision and Inspection Center believes that at present, many companies' understanding of standards is incomplete. They think that it is sufficient to meet national and international standards. But the electrical industry cannot be completely confined to this. We must guide the market and consumer standards. Because the market and consumer standards are often higher than the country, if the two standards can be implemented, then the quality level of the industry can be greatly improved.

Enterprises should fully purify their own brand value. Competition in the market is normal. Corporate competition should not be based solely on price, but should have its own brand value.

Through the attitude of consumers in the interview, it can be seen that customers have high requirements on product quality and reliability, and often have high loyalty to brands that are widely known and have a good product history. Therefore, brands with low market share in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry are involved in the competition in the industry. One of the core strengths. The establishment of a brand is not a one-time effort. It requires long-term development and maintenance. Therefore, the low-voltage electrical industry brand is a key factor in its competition.

What is the implementation of "reliability"?

Although China has done some work on the reliability research of low-voltage electrical products and has made some progress, due to the late start of reliability research work of low-voltage electrical products in China, reliability design and reliability manufacturing have not been seriously carried out during the development of new products. In particular, a large number of companies do not pay enough attention to reliability, and the reliability of low-voltage electrical products in China is generally lower than that of developed countries.

In the interview, He Jiang said: If we want to improve the reliability of our products, we must make efforts in all aspects of production.

First of all, we must focus on the quality of major components. The quality of parts and components is the basis for the reliability of the product system. However, at present a considerable number of parts and components have the problems of non-standard quality information disclosure, incompleteness, incomplete parameters, consistency, and poor stability, which affect the selection of reliability design of the whole machine. In particular, some companies have used fake and inferior parts to reduce costs, which has seriously affected the overall reliability index. Therefore, improving the quality of components is the primary task of product reliability.

Second, we must strengthen the reliability control of the product life cycle. Can not simply understand the product reliability as long as the better the life, but should be in the product throughout the life cycle of the probability of failure is as low as possible. Therefore, the reliability index must be determined in the initial stage of the product design so that the target is clear in the design and manufacturing process.

In addition, the formulation of reliability standards for low-voltage electrical appliances in China is still in its infancy, with limited coverage and no system. Therefore, it is difficult to confirm the reliability level of products. Therefore, it is urgent to establish and implement a system for evaluating and recalling the reliability of low-voltage electrical products, strengthen the construction of a reliability standard system, and gradually establish national standards, industry standards, and enterprise standards systems to form distinct, interconnected, and focused reliability. Standard framework enables comprehensive evaluation of product reliability.

The reporter found that in the low-voltage electrical industry, there is no shortage of reliable low-voltage electrical companies, and Peng Haixin, deputy director of the Reliability Technology Center of a low-voltage electrical enterprise, said in an interview that in their enterprises, product reliability engineering mainly relies on several “sieve” To achieve: reliability design and analysis, reliability experiments, software testing, electronic components control, reliability management. A sieve creates an epidemic prevention system that filters out unreliable factors. In the development stage, reliability technology finds out and changes the “unreliable” DNA, and applies this technology throughout production and component control.

Reliability enhancement testing has become a major feature of reliability technology. By applying a very harsh set of product work environment stresses, the potential defects in the product are rapidly stimulated and the problem is solved in the bud. Wen Jun, project manager of the Reliability Technology Center of Low-voltage Electrical Appliances, said that in order to identify product defects, the products must be placed in a specific environment. After the enhanced stress environment, many latent and intermittent defects will soon be exposed. Inspire it.

In today's rapid upgrading of low-voltage electrical products, who can shorten the product development cycle, whoever will seize the opportunity. Through the introduction of reliability technology, product defects are exposed in a timely manner, and designers can quickly make design improvements and improvements. As a result, not only the product development cycle has been significantly shortened, the product has been brought to market faster, but also the product quality has been improved.

He Jiang said: "In fact, the introduction of reliability technology, product costs will be reduced." Many companies in order to reduce errors before, in the selection of components, often choose the best and most important. In fact, there are times when this does not help to improve the quality of the product. Instead, it causes an increase in costs. Nowadays, many companies, through bold innovations, will choose the most suitable components. In this way, product costs will drop, and consumers will enjoy more cost-effective products.

For the enterprise, the so-called product reliability is the use of advanced technology, so that the product fully exposed before the listing of its possible future failures or problems, and to be improved and improved, thereby reducing the rate of return after the listing of products, Make consumers spontaneously establish a brand image of “good, useful, durable and safe” in their hearts.

However, for most companies, the reliability work is still in its infancy; a considerable number of companies are also very passive in reliability, and some do not begin reliability work until customers request information or data on reliability. Some of them started their reliability work even after the product was returned; many companies still have a blank in terms of reliability. Under normal circumstances, in a company, the first production, when the production to a certain stage, began to consider quality control, and finally over time, the hidden problems of the product slowly exposed, before they realized that to be reliable Need for sexual control.

Compared with traditional quality control methods, reliability technology focuses on the research and development stage, that is, the front end of the life cycle, but the effect must be reflected in the later stage of the life cycle, that is, in the user's use process, while the traditional quality control is in production. stage. "However, carrying out reliability engineering is not an immediate job. Compared with quality control, it is more difficult." Peng Haixin said that systematic research on product reliability engineering technology must be conducted to form a product from product development to product after-sales service. The complete engineering system.

Some experts in the industry believe that the best after-sales service is only a remedy after a problem occurs, and cannot solve the problem of product performance degradation. Reliability is not just a technical issue; it is an industrial idea. With the upgrading of the reliability technology center, "reliability" will open a "big quality" era.

In the market economy competition, winning with superiority and winning with quality and reliability will surely become a consensus. Domestic enterprises should pay attention to not only developing high-performance electrical products, but also developing high-reliability electrical products. This will be the development trend of electrical products in China.

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