Create an industrial park and a professional market, and set up an industry association to make the lighting electric light source industry develop in three directions: innovation, characteristics and high-end. Since Luo Village officially clarified that lighting electric light source is the main industry, the idea of ​​upgrading the industry has gradually matured. To this end, Luo Village will plan an electric light source technology zone as a production base for lighting electric light source enterprises, attracting well-known lighting enterprises at home and abroad to build a village, forming a scale effect.

In order to further enhance the industrial structure and vigorously cultivate and develop the lighting and lighting industry, Luo Village plans to build a large-scale lighting and lighting market in the west of the city, guide the intensive operation of enterprises, and form a distribution center for products. It is also known that based on the long history of Luocun's lamp industry, Lean Lantern is famous for its reputation. Luocun plans to combine the electric light source industry with the lantern culture to realize the innovation of lighting products. At present, Luo Village is planning to build a lighting electrical industry association to enhance the entire electric light source industry through associations and services.

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