1 Introduction (Introduction)

With the continuous improvement of the manufacturing industry, laser cutting and laser welding technology has been widely used in the industry, and has shown obvious advantages in some processing fields. In addition to laser cutting and laser welding, laser surface engineering, laser rapid prototyping, laser micro-processing and other technologies are becoming more mature, and gradually applied to some special industrial processing.

At present, most of the laser processing robots are two-axis or three-axis robots, which can only be processed simply, and the processing of complex surfaces must be done by high-performance robots. In response to this situation, this project has developed a wide-range, high-precision 5-axis laser machining robot that can perform complex surface machining. The robot system has the following characteristics: the robot body adopts a high-rigidity frame structure, a balanced design, an AC servo drive, and a high-precision absolute code disc detection feedback. The robot controller adopts industrial-grade embedded CPU to further improve the computing power of the controller, shorten the control period, improve the interpolation precision, and ensure the detection accuracy and control precision of the robot. The robot error model is established, which solves the error compensation problem of the robot system and realizes the high precision machining of the robot.

2 overall design (Schemedesign)

To develop a large-scale, high-precision 5-axis frame robot system, it is necessary to ensure the advanced nature of the system, but also to consider its practicality and reliability. Due to the increase of the stroke of the robot system and the greatly improved precision, many technical measures have been taken in the basic structural form of the robot, the configuration of the transmission system, the selection of key components such as the integrated transmission device and the selection of the AC servo motor . Meet the performance requirements. At the same time, the robot's detection system and robot control system are specially designed to ensure the high precision and high performance of the robot's overall system.

2.1 Special design and technical measures

(1) The Y-axis transmission adopts a double transmission type to reduce the error caused by the inclination of the Z-axis;

(2) The configuration of the degree of freedom of the wrist has been greatly changed to solve the error caused by the concentricity of the laser head and the A-axis, and the adjustment function of the attitude of the laser head has been added;

(3) The X and Y beams adopt measures to improve the rigidity, and the Z-beam columns are increased from 2 to 3 to increase the stiffness coefficient;

(4) The power bridge of the X-axis and Z-axis integrated transmission adopts an elongated shape, which is changed from 340mm long to 500mm long, which improves the bearing capacity of the device and reduces the influence of deformation;

(5) The Y-axis adopts a waste device to reduce the load of the X-axis integrated transmission and increase the power of the X-axis drive motor;

(6) The overall function of the lateral straightness of the X-axis and Y-axis integrated transmission is increased, and the straightness in the vertical direction is ensured by the flatness of the beam, and the lateral straightness is ensured by adjustment;

(7) X beam and Y beam adopt strict processing technology to ensure stable performance and high precision: special steel pipe, reasonable welding process, artificial aging treatment, guide grinding machine finishing and so on.

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