First, write in the second, the youth good product - out of the box, face value, configuration, system three, friends of the elderly - see clearly, hear, shoot, use well four, evaluation summary

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First, write in front

Meizu Meizu's charm blue sub-brand is released for only 2 years, but the development is extremely rapid, Meizu also with the charm blue brand out of the ranks of the niche. The heady Huanye Blue note series has undergone several generations of changes. Regardless of the initial note, the popular note3, or the latest note5, most of the first two months of the listing required a panic buying. The sales volume has withstood the test of the market.

Recall that two years before the release of the Charm Blue note, it took just a few weeks to grab a single experience. The initial fever, Calton and other issues were perfectly solved after the upgrade of flyme 5, and the charming little dots and smooth, unlike Android-like experience are still fresh in their memory. Unfortunately, accidental flooding before the Spring Festival last year caused the screen to jump screen problem, but unfortunately changed the plane. After that, the screen-changing service for the mother to prepare for the machine has so far been.

Originally intended to change the mobile phone for the Chinese New Year for the mother, like the blue Note5 in the Charm is timely and rainy! Hereby thank Zhang Aunt, thank all the test king, thank Meizu charm blue! And take this opportunity to improve the measurement report from the point of view of the election for the elderly, after all, the elderly in the thousand yuan machine market is also a large part of the target group!

Let’s start with a Jingdong link.

Meizu Charm Blue Note5 Netcom open edition 32GB Moonlight Mobile Unicom Telecom 4G dual SIM card... Charm Blue Note5 in appearance and Charm Blue Note3 changes little, still using a metal body design, 2.5D glass frame, The top sensor and camera are symmetrically designed. Positive with a 5.5-inch full HD screen, this screen has ... ¥ 1099 Jingdong View Encyclopedia Details

Presumably we all know that the 3G memory version has a price increase of 100 blocks. It is true that this year's electronics industry is affected by the rising raw material prices and the continued sharp decline in the RMB exchange rate. The cost pressure is very high, and the price increase is extenuating. However, just a few days after it was launched, it will inevitably make people rant.

Second, the young good 1, out of the box

Out of the box straight to the theme, Aunt's box is very cordial!

The good news was reached with the logo tape and all the measures.

Simple and familiar box,

Behind the product information, the most cost-effective 3G+32G high version, color moonlight silver, it is estimated that the initial market is still the silver and gray two-color,

Lifting the cover, I don't know how many phones hit my face.

The metal back of the process upgrades, the first sense is not bad.

All the family members are here without headphones and without TYPE-C. Simple unpacking is completed, the following is a closer look at Yan value.

2, Yan value

Yan value and cost performance are two important criteria for personal selection. I believe it is also an important consideration for most people to make purchase decisions. The high value of face value can be said to be a necessary condition for sales (such as the 16-year explosion model OPPO R9). The biggest upgrade of Charm Blue Note 5 is appearance, so the face value should not be low.

The front is a typical Meizu family-style Facebook, 5.5-inch GFF fit 1080P screen, sleek 2.5D glass cover, the symmetrical border of the mback key on the receiver, the higher screen ratio of the classic front face design,

The back with the most upgraded appearance is upgraded from a three-stage model to a higher-technology nano-injection-metal integrated rear cover.

When you look closely, the front camera and light sensor on both sides of the top handset are not designed symmetrically. The black model should not be so obvious.

At the bottom of the screen is the mback key, which is said to be good and can't be separated again. With frontal fingerprint recognition, the recognition speed and accuracy are good. I can only say who uses whom

Metal integrated body technology is fine, the edge of the high-light chamfer, nano-plastic injection antenna even if the hands feel up almost no sense of its existence, below the antenna is a 1300w pixel camera and dual color temperature flash, the following is the Meizu logo, the entire sandblasting process cover Feel texture is good.

The Nano SIM+TF and or card slot on the left side of the fuselage, the lock screen and volume buttons on the right side are no longer detailed.

The biggest changes in the design of the body should be at the bottom, headphone jack, noise reduction microphone, data line interface, speaker openings lined up, and the obvious difference from the family model is the change from a circular to a long speaker speaker hole In addition to improving the external effects, personally think that with the whole body tough design is also an important factor, and nothing bad.

The face value is not high, but in the end there is a bright screen to test! Extinguishing the screen picturesque, bright screen to be able to race without the border ID can not be considered high value, and Meizu's black edge control has always been doing better, even if the thousand Yuan machine, this point is beyond doubt!

Taken together, the Charm Blue Note 5's face value should be regarded as an absolute leader in the thousand-yuan machine!

3, configuration

Please allow me to reprint an online configuration table here, clearly and intuitively.

The charm blue standard MediaTek P10 processor, memory upgrade for 3G, dual card dual standby full Netcom, 4000 mAh battery, and supports mCharge fast charge, the system is based on Android 6.0 Flyme 5.2, in thousands of machine configuration count Nice. The most cost-effective one should belong to the 3G+32G memory combination.

Follow the example to run a single point, rabbit home 46,000, in line with the P10 performance indicators,

Master Lu 65,000, fluency value is a bit

In a word, the price of thousands of machines and the configuration of thousands of machines can meet the daily use of most people.

4, the system

Personally think that Flyme is the best OS in China, simple and beautiful, smooth and stable, easy to use!

Charm Blue Note 5 using Flyme 5.2 based on Android 6.0, just received the phone when you receive the upgrade tips, thought it was Flyme 6!

Here is also the way to say Tucao, said the first batch of adaptation Flyme 6 at the time of release, the results of the first batch of beta list actually did not Note 5, What are you wrong?

Flyme's first impression of the system is the small fresh style, flat icons, good value. Personalized settings can be easily changed theme, wallpaper, fonts, etc.

For example, I changed this deeper

Settings are also very comprehensive, double-click on the screen and a variety of shortcuts are all very easy to use.

The weather and other software that comes with it are all good. The functions in the tool box are also very practical. The calculator has scientific calculation functions. Feelings of subtlety are more carefully.

The system comes with a powerful mobile phone butler, management software from the Kai and permissions are not under the words, do not toss the basic enough.

Flyme also has a feature I do not know if you pay attention to it, that is, comes with ROOT function, without tedious and risky brush machine operation, login flyme account, in the settings - fingerprint and security - Root permissions selected, the phone restarts Root function After finishing, you can perform thinning and other operations on the system, which is very convenient.

In the past, fingerprint recognition on Tall has become a standard for thousands of machines, and Charm Blue Note 5 naturally does not fall behind.

Family-style waist keys integrate the dual functions of mTouch and mBack. The mTouch fingerprint function not only unlocks fingerprints, but also supports functions such as fingerprint encryption and fingerprint payment.

The mBack touch back, press back to the desktop, long-press voice assistant or lock screen, sliding on both sides of the Home key multi-tasking, with a long time really can not be separated. I now use the main machine S7E often do not consciously touch the HOME button, and then the face of aggressive expression did not respond until suddenly realized.

It should be pointed out that the fingerprint unlocking of Charm Blue Note 5 is needed to light up the screen first, and then it can be unlocked. The speed and accuracy of personal experience recognition are not as high as imagined. Is it because of my finger (identification rate on S7E)? Also very general)? To tell the truth, there is no quick and accurate direct unlocking with the Spiritual Key of Glory 8, but the front-end post-fingerprint is still a little more convenient in theory. The overall superiority and inferiority is a matter of opinion.

And I have this handy charm blue note 5 sometimes double-click the screen response is not sensitive to the situation, occasionally will not be able to light, I do not know why, hope is just an example.

In short, FLYME as a domestic first-line OS, although embedded ads are slightly more than before, but aesthetics and ease of use do not need to doubt, I hope the charm blue NOTE 5 can adapt Flyme 6!

Third, the old friend

A large part of the consumer audience for thousands of machines is the elderly, which is mainly determined by the price. The elderly are relatively familiar with and less dependent on the network, and most of them are relatively economical. Generally, there is no need to configure powerful high-priced machines. Now the thousands of machines can meet the needs of use.

What kind of mobile phone does the elderly really need? From the demand point of view, taking my mother as an example, the mobile phone is mainly used to make phone calls, listen to songs, play chess games such as landlords, not too many pictures, a small number of WeChat, and occasionally looking at the news. These are basically these. To sum up, I think that is mainly the requirements of several aspects - see clearly, hear, shoot, use well!

1, see clearly

Obviously, the vision of the elderly is definitely lower than that of young people, so it is more sensitive to the screen of mobile phones, especially the font size.

This is clearly seen in two aspects, one is the screen effect, but the font display. The main effect of the screen is the adjustment of the color temperature and the function of the blue eye protection. Now most of the mobile phones already have the Charm Blue Note 5.

There are two types of fonts, either fonts can be adjusted to the appropriate size, or there is a large font mode suitable for the elderly, such as Flyme and the simple mode that most domestic mainstream systems have. Even if the system does not come with, there are software such as simple desktops that can meet the needs.

Charm Blue Note 5, to be exactly Flyme system, can meet the needs of seeing clearly.

2, hear

Most of the elderly people's hearing also have different degrees of decline, so the volume of the handset's earpiece is required to be loud enough to be loud enough.

The volume of the handset is large enough to hear the voice of the other party in a noisy environment. The Charm Blue Note 5 is qualified and can be clearly communicated in public environments such as subways and buses. Obvious progress.

The volume of the external speaker is large enough to reduce missed calls when calling. As mentioned before, the loudspeaker opening of the Charm Blue note 5 is changed from a circle of the predecessor to a long strip. The measured volume is rounded and full, 60% of the volume can meet the general environmental requirements, and the maximum volume is not broken. Overall satisfactory. There are also several mainstream Thousand Yuan machines on the Internet where the sound quality is compared with the video. Interested parties can search for them on their own.

Speaking of volume, Meizu Music just pushed Jacky Cheung's album today, and she also supported the eternal god of my heart.

There is also some doubt, as a charm machine Note Blue Note 5, put the sound quality is completely acceptable, but when I use Monster headphones to start listening to music, I can feel the muddy turbidity of the whole fungus, listening is not ideal, I do not know Why?

Overall, Charm Blue Note 5 can meet the needs of hearing.

3, photographed

Although the demand for photographing by the elderly is not as strong as that of young people, there is no need for self-portraits or photographs, but it is still necessary to take photographs to record daily life, whether it is traveling or staying at home.

The camera level of the Meizu thousand yuan machine has always been widely criticized, then what is the performance of Charm Blue Note 5?

Charm Blue Note 5 with 13 million pixel rear camera, F2.2 aperture, 5P mirror structure, sensor model is unknown, equipped with dual color temperature flash, support phase focus. The front camera is 5 million pixels, the overall specifications are the common level of thousands of machines, the official did not focus on propaganda camera ability is not also from the side of the problem?

The camera interface is still very simple,

Or directly to the real shot proofs speak, are automatically blocked straight out.

Under normal outdoor light conditions during the daytime, the resolution of the 1300W pixel camera is acceptable, the AF speed is faster, and the white balance is also more accurate. It can be used for one, but it is not much surprise.

Imaging is slightly better than expected under backlight conditions.

But I don't know if it is an algorithm problem. The tolerance of this tree is not enough and the picture is heavy.

Macro mode can't help but

It's no pressure to take a delicious food and friends circle.

When the indoor illumination is poor, it is limited by the F2.2 maximum aperture and camera quality factors, the focusing speed and accuracy are reduced, and the filming rate is greatly reduced.

It is even more difficult to capture, and most of the photos are not properly focused.

Let's take a look at the imaging effect at night. In most cases, you need to manually select the focus point. The color and saturation are good, but the noise is still obvious at low light.

Overall, the photo performance of the Charm Blue Note 5 maintains or slightly exceeds the level of thousands of machines, but there is progress but not much surprise. Can meet the daily record of life to shoot the standard, of course, from the film is also a good long distance.

4, well used

The requirements of the elderly on the mobile phone are first of all simple and easy to use, too complex features do not come; while the best endurance for a long time, after all, from the black and white machine era of the standby one month, one day two charge what do not like most.

Well used here mainly refers to the above two aspects. The first part of the Flyme introduction part of the previous section has given the answer, whether it is the system or the mBack key the old man can adapt to control after two days.

Here's a look at the issue of life. Charm Blue Note 5 is equipped with 4000mAh battery, and supports up to 18W fast charge, which is a good configuration in the thousands of machines.

The charging curve is as follows. It takes about 100 minutes from 6% to 100%, and the charging time is acceptable.

The moving picture in the unit of half an hour is more intuitive, and it is worth mentioning that when the battery is quickly charged, the heat generation of the body is very good.

Let's take a look at the power consumption situation, because the charm blue note5 can only show the power consumption of 3, 6, 9, 12 hours, can not fully reflect the entire process from full power to exhaustion, I selected three typical power consumption Side reaction charm blue note 5's battery life.

The left picture shows the standby power consumption for 10 hours. You can see that after pulling off the data cable from around 10 o'clock in the evening, you will use it for a while after getting up the next morning. The power will drop to 99% at about 8:30. , that is, about 10 hours of standby consumption of 1% of the electricity, standby power consumption is satisfactory.

The following figure shows the heavy use for 2 hours. From 7:30 in the morning to 10:00 in the morning, you can continue to use the mobile phone to listen to songs, browse web pages, apply to the Aunt, Taobao and other APPs, including playing casual games for more than 2 games. Hours, a total of 18% of electricity consumption, that is, heavy use of about 9% of power consumption per hour, is satisfactory.

On the right of the figure below is the moderate usage for 12 hours, about 70% electricity from 8am, normal usage to 8:00 at night, 6% lighting time, light screen time is about 5 hours, electricity consumption is about 60%, and normal use day is sure to be no problem. .

The above situation can be seen, Charm Blue Note 5 4000 mAh battery is still relatively awesome, heavy users in the morning to go out to the normal home from work in the evening there is no need to worry about cell phone power, moderate users can at least One day and a half, if used lightly, two days a charge is completely OK. With mCharge fast charge is even more powerful.

Most of the elderly are light and moderate users, so the battery life of Charm Blue Note 5 can meet the demand.

From this point of view, regardless of the system is easy to use or battery durability, Charm Blue Note 5 can meet the normal needs of the elderly.

Four, evaluation summary

Before summing up, we need to emphasize that even if the price of Charm Blue Note5 rises, it will belong to the scope of the Thousand Yuan Machine. Our evaluation should also be based on the standard of thousands of machines.

Charm Blue Note 5 has thousand Yuan machine's premier value and exquisite appearance processing technology, Flyme system's aesthetics and ease of use are obvious to all, known to use it can not be separated from the mBack key is no exception, 4000 milliamperes large The combination of battery +18W fast charge makes it excellent performance in life.

Of course, there are no machines, Charm Blue Note 5 also has many problems, the performance of the most constrained P10 processor is relatively weak compared to competitors, fingerprint recognition is not imaginative excellent, low light environment camera focusing performance is not very satisfactory.

However, the overall situation does not cover up. Overall, all aspects of Charm Blue Note 5 are comprehensive and balanced. It is absolutely the role of the Qianyuan Machine Model. Appropriate for design, metal processing, system operation, endurance performance, and consumers who are less demanding on performance.

Charm Blue Note 5, affordable youth, can also be friends of the elderly!

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