Measuring new 22 cm in length, the rounded silver light stick has four LEDs along its lateral side, lending it the look of a gleaming magic wand. With a multitude Of different mounting options, it can conjure a glow around all those features that are crying out for accentuation. Sideboards, vases, a favourite picture on the living-room wall or a romantic table-for-two, whatever the application, the innovative light -emitting diodes of the LEDstixx always cast the right light in the right direction.

The flexible fastening plate can be used to mount the LEDstixx to a table or wall, opening up a varied range of uses. For example, users can fix the plate to all surfaces using either the practical adhesive surface or a boring fixture. Then inserted or laid into the magnetic mounting of the fastening plate and can thus be arranged alongside or perpendicular to walls or objects.

The LED stix is ​​simply inserted vertically into the holder like a candle and placed on the table or the floor. With its four LEDs, the 22-cm-long light stick will Bring all those dark corners out of the shadows.

Romantic lighting at a table-for-two: the decorative LEDstixx can be placed on the table instead of a candle for an evening meal with a very special glow.

OSRAMs LEDstixx are now available in silver at DIY stores, large retail stores and specialist electronics stores.

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