According to Japanese media reports, Philips Lumiled s Lighting LUXEON Automotive strategic marketing director Dirk Vanderhaeghen said that the headlamps are equipped with LED DRL and headlight low beam. In terms of DRL, there are currently 5 to 10% of cars equipped with LEDs. This ratio is likely to increase significantly to 25 to 35% or more after five years.

The LEDization of the headlights' low beam is limited to "advanced cars", so the current ratio is less than 1%. In 2012-2014, LEDs will be equipped with models that are environmentally friendly, such as electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). The full deployment of LEDs in popular models is expected to be achieved between 2014 and 2015. But there is a need to reduce costs to achieve this goal.

While the cost of current white LEDs affects the marketing of related products, Dirk Vanderhaeghen said that the number and power consumption of white LED modules required to achieve the performance required for low beam are decreasing. Specifically, in 2008, Philips' white LED module needed to use 5 low-beam lights in each component, and the power consumption was as high as 50W. In 2009, the product not only reduced the number of white LED modules per component to three, but also reduced the power consumption to 33W.

Nissan's electric vehicle "LEAF (Chinese name: Listening Wind)", which will be launched in December 2010, is equipped with a white LED for headlamps that we developed on the low beam. On the low beam, each component is equipped with 2 LED modules. The luminous flux of each LED module reaches more than 500lm, and the power consumption of the entire module is reduced to 25W. At present, we are still developing LED modules with a luminous flux of more than 1000 lm with one white LED module. The power consumption is expected to drop to 15-20W. It is expected to be equipped on a car that was launched in 2013.

Involving ED's marketing on headlights, Vanderhaeghen said that there are only a very small number of cars that use LEDs on high beams. For example, "Audi R8 Spider" is the same. These high-priced cars don't have to worry too much about the cost. In fact, the high beam lights only account for 3% of the car headlights. From the perspective of cost, it is estimated that automakers will not actively adopt it.

China Indoor Rental Led Display is Ultra thin body, die-casting aluminium structure, high-accuracy CNC cutting panel. Natural aluminium heat conduction design, no fans ,no noise. Good consistency, no particle and mosaic phenomenon.

LCD window monitoring function. Use LCD monitoring screen to detect exact temperature, voltage, working time,etc.

Front and rear service both available .Support quick maintenance within 5 seconds with magnetic tools.

Low power consumption,fast heat sinking, long life span time,fast lock system.

Large viewing angle reach to 140° both horizontal and vertical sides.

Using die-casting aluminium material ,extremely light weight and thin thickness

For pair locks of the cabinets, with adjusting function to achieve the seamless splicing. Side spring dowel and up location pin of the cabinets to make sure the flatness of the led screen.

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Stable and continue high-quality video for high-end applications. Low power consumption and environmentally friendly. 500x500mm and 500x1000mm panel sizes. Guarantee of consistency in years.  Straight and curved cabinets can be connected together seamlessly by lock.

RCFG file can be saved to factory. If you loose the RCFG file, just click" restore factory".

At the bottom of cabinet, there is special design which can help to protect lamp during installation. 110-220V power input and DVI,HDMI,SDI,DP signal input.

Available pixel pitch from P2.5mm, P3mm, P3.2mm P3.9 and P4.8mm, with SMD 2121 black LED lamps, MBI high refresh control IC, Novastar and Linsn control system. Packed in road/flight case for easy transportation. Can both hang from truss and stack on the ground. Curved locks allow concave and convex surface. Easy to install and dismantle. Ideal design and products for rental/stage business.

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