Multi-parameter monitor is one of the conventional equipment in hospitals, and is widely used in ICU, CCU, wards, and operating rooms. From the perspective of the development of multi-parameter monitors, in addition to the continuous introduction and application of new sensing technologies, people have also raised higher goals for the analysis, storage, and display of collected information. In addition, as a special special equipment, medical equipment also requires the equipment to achieve a higher level of safety requirements. The development direction of multi-parameter monitors is further intelligentization, specialization and miniaturization, while achieving low power consumption and zero pollution.

System principle

The multi-parameter monitor collects the basic human parameters (electrocardiogram, breathing, blood pressure, blood oxygen temperature, etc., the monitoring items can be selected according to clinical needs) through a variety of detection modules, after amplification, filtering, transmission, and CPU signal processing, then the detection The results are displayed, stored, printed, and can be connected to the central monitoring system network. The monitoring and recording of multiple parameters are controlled by the main control part.

The system is generally composed of multiple monitors and a central nurse workstation. The monitor uses the "NOVO-3486" full-featured embedded industrial motherboard as the core operating platform. The motherboard is only half the size of the palm of the hand. The board integrates ultra-low power DM & P Vortex86SX SOC CPU, SDRAM, CRT / LCD control, 10 / 100Mbps network interface, Compact Flash, IDE, FDD, two strings in parallel, two USB, a 115Kbps IrDA infrared interface, 1 ~ 255 seconds programmable watchdog timer, PS2 keyboard and mouse, support the most common PC / 104 interface in the domestic medical industry. The system completes the signal acquisition of a series of sensor detectors including blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature, respiration, etc. through the user board extended by this interface, and performs real-time processing. The final result can be output in various forms. At present, the platform supports two display modes, high-precision LCD and VGA. The highest resolution of on-board video can reach 1024 & TImes; 768. It supports a universal thermal printing interface and can communicate with the central nurse workstation through a standard serial port. In terms of the choice of platform operating system, the current equipment gives customers more freedom, breaking the limitation of the traditional multi-parameter instrument that only supports a single DOS operating system, and the application mode is flexible and wide.

System Configuration

Motherboard: NOVO-3486 CPU: DM & P Vortex86SX SOC. North China Technology has independently developed embedded boards based on 16-bit and 32-bit CPUs, providing a complete solution for new application requirements such as networking of electronic medical products and storage of patient historical measurement data. At the same time, it can undertake software and hardware integrated development projects, saving customers development cycles and costs, and prompting products to be launched quickly. Use NOVO-3486 as the main control platform of the multi-parameter monitor. The board integrates CRT / LCD control, 10 / 100Mbps network interface, DOC, IDE, FDD, two strings in parallel, two USB, one infrared interface, gatekeeper The dog timer, PS2 keyboard and mouse support the most common PC / 104 interface in the domestic medical industry. The system expands the user board through this interface to complete a series of sensor detectors including ECG blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature, respiration, etc. Signal acquisition, real-time processing, and the final result can be output in various forms.

System motherboard introduction:

NOVO-3486 is an industrial-grade design, which ensures the stability and reliability of the system, and can meet the requirements of customers to work continuously for 24 hours. NOVO-3486 motherboard is small and compact (140 mm & TImes; 100 mm), which is convenient for customers to design the internal structure of the system and meets the requirements of customers for the size of the motherboard. NOVO-3486 SMD 486 SOC embedded CPU, power consumption is only 5V 1.8A. In addition, the motherboard integrates an LCD driver interface, supports DOC electronic disks, 8 serial ports and 1 parallel port, and the functions are very suitable for customer needs, in line with the principle of "Just-enough" requirements of industry customers for motherboards. At the same time, the motherboard also integrates the industrial-grade pin-type expansion interface of PC / 104 to meet the needs of customers when expanding special functions.

system assesment

1. Perfect interface

NOVO-3486 full-featured embedded industrial motherboard comes with PC / 104 bus interface, 10 / 100Mbps adaptive network interface, CompactFlash, IDE, FDD, COM, LTP, two USB, IrDA infrared interface, PS2 keyboard and mouse port, can Meet various customer applications.

2. Ultra-low power consumption

NOVO-3486 full-featured embedded industrial motherboard is produced with high integration and low power consumption components. The device arrangement and wiring design are scientific and reasonable, which can effectively reduce heating phenomena and lower the internal temperature. The maximum power consumption is less than 5W, avoiding the system Unreliable factors due to fans.

3. Excellent cost performance.

As a leading manufacturer of embedded intelligent platforms in China, North China Technology conducts large-scale production testing in China, which greatly reduces product manufacturing costs. The branches all over the country provide consultation and after-sales service to customers nearby, effectively reducing daily operating costs.

Grid screen is a kind of screen which is composed of light bars. It is another name of light bar screen. Because its form is hollow type, net format, so people in the industry call it grid screen, hollow screen and so on. This kind of display screen is mainly used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building tops, as well as outdoor anti-aircraft guns, sightseeing elevators, etc.     

curtain screen   

  Due to the special structure of the product, different from the box type display screen, led grid screen has the following characteristics:          

1. Light weight, small wind load          

For the screen, light weight is our most intuitive experience. Because it is a screen grid, which enables the display to ventilate, so its wind load capacity is very strong.        


 2. High efficiency and low power consumption          

 Real energy saving comes from: high brightness, high light efficiency LED lights, high conversion efficiency power supply.          

3. Highly integrated        

Highly integrated (built-in power supply and receiving card, each unit can work independently; power supply and signal wire are connected).          

4.  IP67 high protection level            

The grid screen has a high protection level of IP67, and the safety and stability of use are guaranteed.        

5. easy to install          

No steel structure installation, no air conditioning, can be installed before or after.

Light Weight And Thin

Outdoor DIP LED Curtain Screen

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