ROHM (headquartered in Kyoto, Japan), a well-known Japanese semiconductor manufacturer, has developed a total of 16 models of the LDO "BD4xxMx Series", which is most suitable for the power supply of automotive body systems/powertrain microcontrollers. As a result, 43 models have been combined with the "BDxxC0A Series", which is most suitable for information system power supply applications such as automotive electronic systems. As an in-vehicle LDO series, it can support all applications.

The "BD4xxMx Series" developed this time uses the most advanced power system technology of 0.35μm BiC-DMOS, and uses ROHM's excellent analog design technology to achieve a current consumption of only 1/2 or less of the general product (no load), very Helps to save energy in cars. In addition, by optimizing the circuit, it is possible to prevent the capacitor for oscillation from requiring electrolytic capacitors, and only ceramic capacitors can satisfy the requirements, thereby contributing to reduction in mounting area and cost reduction.

ROHM develops 16 models of new LDO series for vehicle use

This series of products can be supplied at any time from June 2013 (sample price: 100 yen), and it will be put into mass production on a monthly basis of 1.5 million units from February 2014.


In recent years, with the development of electrification and multi-functionality, automotive power ICs require more packaging and output currents, etc., depending on the actual situation, to expand a wide range of products that cover a wide range of required characteristics. Series to meet the needs of different applications.

In addition, in the context of evading the risk of natural disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and the floods in Thailand, the automotive industry is promoting the standardization of joint procurement or the use of components by many companies around the world. It is expected that this trend will develop faster and faster in the future. .

ROHM quickly responded to these trends by developing an automotive LDO series with a wide range of packages, output voltages, and output current lines that are versatile and can cover all applications.

<New Product Details>

ROHM develops 16 models of new LDO series for vehicle use

The "BD4xxMx Series" is an LDO developed for all automotive electronics, with a lineup of different output voltages and output currents, from power packages for harsh environments to small packages with reduced area.

By adopting the 0.35μm BiC-DMOS process, ROHM utilizes years of accumulated analog design technology to achieve an input withstand voltage up to 45V for high reliability in a variety of automotive applications, and to achieve current consumption less than half of the average product at no load. It is more stable than normal products when there is load, which is very helpful for energy saving of automobiles.

In addition, in terms of output fluctuation countermeasures and oscillation countermeasures, unlike the general product, stable voltage output can be realized even in a small capacity of about 1 to 10 μF, so that ceramic capacitors can be used for external components, which is very helpful. save space.

In the future, ROHM will continue to develop more reliable power ICs and high-performance power ICs with reset functions for the automotive field.


1. Current consumption is only 1/2 or less for general products

The "BD4xxMx Series" utilizes the analog design technology accumulated by ROHM for many years, and realizes that the current consumption is only 1/2 or less of the general product (when no load is applied). In addition, the "BD4xxMx Series" and "BDxxC0A Series" can achieve stable current consumption compared to general products, even when there is no load.

With the development of electrification, the number of microcontrollers installed has increased, and the low power consumption of each power IC contributes to the long-term energy saving of automobiles.

ROHM develops 16 models of new LDO series for vehicle use

2. Support ceramic capacitors to help reduce placement area and reduce costs

As a countermeasure against fluctuations in output voltage and oscillation measures at the time of input fluctuation, stable voltage output can be realized even at a small capacity of about 1 to 10 μF. Therefore, external components do not require electrolytic capacitors, and ceramic capacitors can be used to meet the requirements, which is very helpful in reducing the mounting area and reducing the cost.

ROHM develops 16 models of new LDO series for vehicle use

3. Universal package group for all purposes

By improving the circuit structure, reducing the number of modules, and rearranging the chip layout, the product lineup has a package form from a power package suitable for demanding applications to a total of six in-vehicle applications that are most suitable for small packages requiring space saving.

<Application example>

â—‡Fuel injection system (FI)

â—‡ Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

â—‡Smart Key

â—‡LCD display

â—‡HEV / EV inverter

â—‡Body Control Module (BCM)

â—‡ Head-up display (HUD)

â—‡ cluster system

â—‹Product lineup has 43 kinds of products, full coverage of vehicle applications

ROHM develops 16 models of new LDO series for vehicle use

<term explanation>

LDO (Low Drop Out / Low Saturation) Regulator

The input and output voltage difference is low, and the power supply in the linear regulator (input and output voltage is linear action) category.

Compared with switching regulators such as DC/DC, it has the characteristics of simple circuit structure and low noise.

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