In recent years, full-color LEDs have become more and more popular in a wide range of fields such as various signs and digital signages with high design requirements due to their rich and colorful expressiveness, and have been highly anticipated. At the same time, with the development of miniaturization and high performance of various applications, LEDs are required to have higher performance, and the demand for small, long-term and high-reliability LEDs is increasing.

Previously, ROHM has introduced the ultra-small molded "PICOLED RGB" series "and the high-brightness mirror-type "SMLV series" to meet these market demands and developed the industry's smallest high-brightness tri-color LED with mirror. “MSL0402RGBU” is mainly used for point matrix light source for entertainment equipment, display light source for industrial equipment and consumer electronic equipment.

"MSL0402RGBU" is a high-brightness tri-color (red, green, blue) LED with mirrors. It utilizes the advantages of miniaturization technology that ROHM has accumulated over the years, and realizes the industry's smallest size of 1.8mmx1.6mm. As a result, it can be mounted at a high density, enabling superior color mixing performance and achieving more delicate LED performance.

In addition, in the past applications using dot matrix light sources, antistatic measures are sometimes required, and Zener diodes are generally used, and "MSL0402RGBU" uses components with high electrostatic withstand voltage. Electrostatic withstand voltage can be ensured without Zener diodes, and matrix is ​​prevented. The circuit produces unwanted illumination that can make the application behave more clearly.

MSL0402RGBU Features

1. Achieve rich and colorful expression with the industry's smallest size, high-brightness tri-color LED with mirror

Conventionally, the mainstream size of an LED used for a dot matrix light source is 3.5 mm × 2.8 mm, and there is a problem that the display is rough and cannot be displayed in a colorful manner. In this regard, ROHM has made full use of the experience of miniaturization technology accumulated in the LED field for many years, achieving significant miniaturization, and the area of ​​the previous product is reduced by about 70%. Thereby, not only ultra-fine display, but also a high-brightness point matrix light source can be formed, which contributes to enhancing the expressive power of entertainment equipment and the like.

2. Achieve the industry's top resistance to vulcanization, helping to improve reliability

The combination of a silver-plated frame and a silicone resin used in general LEDs is affected by sulfur components such as cigarettes and exhaust gas, silver is vulcanized, and brightness is reduced by about 30% in one year, so that there is a problem in long-term reliability in application in a harsh environment. The PCB part of the "MSL0402RGBU" is gold-plated and has been developed in a package that does not cure in silicone. Therefore, the long-term reliability of the application can be achieved.

3. Ensure electrostatic withstand voltage, no Zener diode

In the past, the use of a Zener diode as an antistatic countermeasure for an LED has been caused, and a potential supply current to other LEDs may be generated in the dot matrix circuit, resulting in unnecessary partial light emission. The "MSL0402RGBU" uses components with high electrostatic withstand voltage, and it can ensure electrostatic withstand voltage without the need of a Zener diode, which makes the display performance of the product in the dot matrix circuit more excellent.

This product has been sold in August 2016 and will be gradually put into mass production in November 2016 with a monthly capacity of 100 million. The production base is Roma-Wako Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. (Malaysia).

In the future, ROHM will continue to focus on the high brightness, miniaturization and expansion of LED product lines, and continue to contribute to the performance of each application.

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