Samsung seeks differentiation of smart glasses: emphasis on sports elements

A design patent registered by Samsung in South Korea in October this year shows that Samsung is developing a glasses-type electronic device. This product is classified as "sports glasses".

Samsung filed this patent application earlier this year, and one of the instructions shows: "This design is a pair of glasses with integrated headphones to help users answer calls and listen to music while exercising."

This device can be connected to a smartphone and display the information running on the phone. When the user's hands are busy with physical exercise, this device provides a simple way to control. The lenses of this glasses-type device can be transparent or translucent.

Graphical illustration of Samsung glasses-type computing device

Graphical illustration of Samsung glasses-type computing device

According to the pictures and instructions in the patent application, the appearance of this product is not much different from Google Glass, and the development of Google Glass is still in progress. However, compared to Google Glass, Samsung's products put more emphasis on the "sports" element.

If Samsung decides to officially sell this product, it will be another wearable computing device launched by the company. Samsung has previously launched the smart watch Galaxy Gear. A Samsung spokesperson said it would not comment on future product plans.

Samsung prepares to fight against Google Glass

Industry insiders pointed out that for mobile phone manufacturers, wearable computing devices are still the "blue ocean" as the smartphone market becomes saturated. However, there are still many technical obstacles to be resolved in this area.

Analysts believe that battery life is the most important issue to be solved for wearable computing devices. Apple ’s battery suppliers LG Chem and LG Electronics recently demonstrated cable-like batteries that can be used in wearable computing devices such as necklaces.

However, Samsung does not believe that such wearable computing devices will replace smartphones in the short term. Samsung Mobile ’s head of business, Shen Zongjun, said at a Galaxy Gear conference last month: “For a considerable period of time, smartphones and wearable computing devices will coexist.

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