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[PConline evaluation] Some time ago we reviewed the Samsung ES7000 smart TV, and now the highest-end model ES8000 also came to our evaluation room. This year, Samsung's TVs feature smart features, so they have similar smart features on ES8000 and ES7000, including gesture control, voice control, and other intelligent interactive functions. The flagship ES8000 is more sophisticated in appearance and picture quality, and is equipped with Super Regional Light II technology. As for the specific performance of this smart flagship, let's take a look at the detailed evaluation article.

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List of hardware parameters

Samsung UA55ES8000 main parameters
Screen size/inch
Side-mounted LED
3D Technology Active Shutter Quality Function Super Local Light Control II Technology, Super Color Technology Features Voice Control, Gesture Control, Face Recognition, Software and Hardware Smart Upgrade
Smart Application Platform
Smart Hub Smart Application Center
Online video
BesTV Online Video Main Interface HDMI×3, USB×3 Power/W 120 Weight/kg
16.6kg (with base)
1230.3 x 722.3 x 30.8 (without base)
Reference price / yuan about 18999 (net purchase price)

As early as the beginning of the CES ES8000 has appeared on the Samsung booth, the most notable is its all-metal appearance and rare arched base. However, in addition, the ES8000 is also equipped with a dual-core processor, and will be based on the Linux system Smart Hub smart application center to be improved, and equipped with a new remote control functions such as gesture operations, voice control, while also equipped with a dual remote control Device. Even with such versatility, the Samsung ES8000 still holds a weight of 16.6kg, which is definitely lightweight in flat-panel TVs.


Samsung has always been very creative in TV modeling. Based on the D series of very narrow borders and metallic colors last year, the overall appearance of the Samsung ES8000 is more futuristic, with a smooth arched base and metal polished petal-shaped bag. The most eye-catching side.

The border of the ES8000 is rather special. The official designation is the "One Design" design. The metal frame is used to polish the petal-shaped edging and covers the narrow black inner frame. The overall border width is less than 10mm and it is called an extremely narrow border.

One of the advancements of Samsung Smart TV this year is to carry a camera, which provides a physical basis for gesture control and facial recognition. The wheel on the back of the camera is to adjust the shooting angle of the camera to achieve more use angles.

Compared to last year's full-line design, ES8000's LOGO changes greatly. Its design is similar to that of the ES7000 series. Both use a downward convex design. However, the ES8000 uses plexiglass to introduce a whole piece of light, giving it a vivid purple background. Better results.

For the first time, the Samsung ES8000 adopts a smooth arched design base consisting of two front and rear brackets, which is more like a handicraft. The base material is actually plastic, using imitation metal paint, a matte texture. The thickness of the fuselage is kept at 30.8mm, which is even slightly thicker than the D8000's 29.7mm. It seems that Samsung is not currently focusing on reducing the thickness of LCD TVs. After all, there are less than 5mm OLED TVs as thickness benchmarks.

The back of the fuselage uses a metal back cover, and the back label shows that the ES8000 is manufactured in Tianjin, China, which is consistent with the ES7000.

ES8000 is equipped with two remote controllers. The ordinary remote controller is the same as other models this year. The smart remote controller is corresponding to the smart function. Samsung 7000 series or more smart TVs will be included as a bonus, which is also considered as an advantage of high-end models. one.

This year, manufacturers have been able to make active 3D glasses very thin, and the difference in size with polarized light is reduced. The battery compartment is located in the middle, and 4 3D glasses will be attached to the commercially available packaging.

In appearance design, Samsung ES8000 is undoubtedly quite creative. It has been actively changed on the basis of already light and thin, adding more design details and more curves. In the use of materials and workmanship are more solid and solid than the previous generation of products, so for the ES8000's appearance changes, Xiao Bian is still here to be affirmed.

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2 Detailed data quality measurement | Power consumption measured back to the top

Detailed data quality measurement

First of all, we use the evaluation room professional instrument to carry on the detailed test to the ES8000, in the test, we adjust the Samsung ES8000 to the standard image mode, the backlight adjustment is brightest. We first record the measured data in the following table, we can see that the ES8000's image quality characteristics still continue the previous generation of high brightness and high contrast.

Samsung UA55ES8000 quality test data
Samsung UA55ES8000
Central brightness 382.85cd/m2 Average brightness 383.78cd/m2
Dynamic contrast
6380 : 1
ANSI contrast
709.06 : 1 color saturation (equivalent to NTSC) 74.71%

After the detection of the color analyzer, it can be seen that the Samsung ES8000 reached a color gamut of 74.14% NTSC, which is a normal performance in the LCD TV. According to the pixel close-up image, the ES8000's RGB sub-pixels are consistent with the ES7000, but unlike the D80000 panel last year, a new LCD panel was adopted. This panel should be produced by the Samsung Display (Samsung Display). of.

The average brightness of the Samsung ES8000 reached 383.78cd/m2. This value is very high in LCD TVs. The high brightness will give the TV a clearer and sharper picture quality, and it will also increase the brightness in the 3D case (active shutter type 3D loss frames keep full HD resolution).

The ES8000 has a certain level of light leakage under a black screen, including the screen 4 corners and some intermediate areas.

ANSI contrast refers to dividing the TV picture into 16 blocks of black and white and measuring the center brightness of these blocks respectively to obtain more reference picture contrast. The measured 709.06:1 is a higher value. ratio. Because the dynamic contrast ratio marked by the manufacturer generally refers to the ratio of the full white screen to any point of the full black screen, because many TVs adjust the backlight brightness according to the screen content, so the dynamic contrast reference value is low, and ANSI can reflect TV more realistically. Contrast.

The Samsung ES8000 supports 800Hz CMR (Clear Motion Rate), which is also a double speed technology. It also has excellent high-speed dynamic effects in actual tests. High-sharp screen performance enhances this perception.

● TV power consumption measured

Since the backlight of the ES8000 is adjusted to its highest state and the power consumption exceeds the rated 120W, it seems that this bright side-mounted LED backlight and light guide plate system is still a big consumer of electricity, and the power consumption is basically kept above 135W.

Samsung ES8000 power consumption
Black and white
Color transition
Samsung UA55ES8000
66.87w 130.19w

High brightness and high sharpness are the characteristics of Samsung TV. This is also consistent with the ES8000. At the same time, the color saturation is quite satisfactory, and the dynamic picture is excellent.

Quality test real shot map

The following also provides some screen shots of the ES8000 playing a Blu-Ray tester, which can give an overview of its image quality. Including full HD signal, grayscale, color, contrast, black level and color test screen.

It can be seen that the color of the Samsung ES80000 is relatively bright, and it has also been mentioned in the previous comparative evaluation that there are reddish situations, and the highly demanded users need to adjust the screen color themselves. The overall picture style is still characterized by high brightness and high sharpness.

3 Smart Application Center | Software trial back to top

Smart Hub smart interface

The Samsung ES8000 continues to use the "Smart Hub" smart application center, which is almost the same as the previous D8000 and D7000 models in the menu layout. The "Smart Hub" is not based on the Android or Google TV system. Samsung The self-developed operating system (based on Linux) adopts applications developed specifically for TVs in the Samsung Apps. Therefore, the number of applications is still limited.

The “Smart Hub” system is mainly based on application icons. It is mainly divided into three categories: Samsung recommended applications, official applications, and common program icons. The common program icon interface can be customized, and the commonly used applications are arranged on the first page, and can also be established by Folders to classify applications. Applications worth mentioning include family stories, fitness management, and cameras. Some of these programs need to be available for download after June. Because it is equipped with a camera, Samsung has also specially installed a camera program. The following will be a trial process.

Samsung Apps Store

As an intelligent system, having an expandable application store program is essential. The application store program on the ES8000 is called Samsung Apps. The store divides the program into seven categories: the most popular rankings, videos, game consoles, sports, lifestyles, information, and education. At present, there are more than 100 programs in the application store. Because it is a dedicated system, its applications are also directed at large TV screens. , high resolution, sharing developed specifically.

The download process is quick and easy. After opening the corresponding program, click Download. You can see that the built-in capacity of the ES8000 is 785MB. Simply installing the software is enough.

● Application trial

Although the number of Smart Hub Smart Application Center software is not much, there are almost all common clients, such as public comment, Sina Weibo, Baidu Maps, Goji.com, etc., but they do not see the shadow of the QQ client. The function of the application program is similar to that of the smart phone client, but it is more suitable for flat panel TVs in layout and operation. For example, the social television function can realize watching TV while sending microblogs or updating the status of everyone.

Public comment client

● Web browser

In the web browser, the ES8000 works very well with the smart remote control. The remote control can be used as a touchpad. The QWERTY keyboard with the touchpad is not as good as the traditional remote control's T9 input method. However, if you use a phone or tablet with Samsung Remote or Samsung Smart View, you can enter text as easily as texting. In addition, the web browser can perfectly display Flash video, and it also has good support for some HTML5 web pages. It is also feasible to watch online videos directly.

● Game software trial

The game is not the direction of Samsung Smart TV's current force. Although it has a gesture operation function, there are currently no matching somatosensory games, and they are all small games that are biased towards the puzzle.

"Smart Hub" smart application center is not very different from last year's system. The biggest difference is the addition of new remote control methods such as gesture control and voice control. The following features will be introduced in detail in the trial. With the smart remote control, the practicality of the browser is improved a lot. In addition, the Flash elements in the web page can also be played.

4 Features Features Gesture Control | Voice Control Back to Top

Features: gesture control, voice control

Samsung Smart TV this year is the most prominent is the "smart interactive" function, in fact, mainly refers to the gesture control and voice control two innovative remote control methods. Among them, the gesture control is similar to Microsoft Kinect's operating experience, and voice control can play a role when you can't make it. Since the ES8000 function is basically the same as the ES7000, there are no duplicate maps here. Interested friends can click on the following figure to jump to the video trial process of these two functions.

Eliminate your remote control Samsung ES7000 features detailed test

● Gesture control

As far back as Microsoft's Kinect, we've already experienced the thrill of using direct gestures for remote control. Now Samsung has also moved this feature to its own smart TV. Looking at the current smart TV market, Samsung only uses this remote control method. Other manufacturers prefer the Wii infrared remote control. Mode, or 6-axis somatosensory remote control.

First, just swish your hand on the TV and you can call up the gesture control menu. Gesture menu is relatively simple, only select, move, return these gestures, through the implementation of the corresponding gestures can be TV remote control, which clenched fist that selected, counterclockwise circle is to return. And the same with Kinect, gesture control also has a range of use, between 1.5m and 4m, the general living room can meet this range.

However, it should be noted that even in the Smart Hub, not all programs support gesture operations. Software that does not support gesture operations can only be operated with the remote control. At this time, the gesture operation has only the returned function. It can be seen that this feature is still relatively young and there are not many applications that are currently supported.

● Voice control

While we have been speculating on what kind of operation Apple TV will adopt, Samsung has already set the future ahead of us. What is more simple than saying one sentence? Therefore, the main mode of remote control for the Samsung Smart TV in 2012 is “voice control”. By reading out different passwords, the TV function can be operated. Like the boot operation, we only need to say "Hello TV, boot" to turn on the TV, eliminating the need to find the remote control, and the success rate in actual use is also high.

The way to start voice control is very simple. Just say "Hello, TV" to the TV and call up the voice menu. The voice menu located below can perform various operations such as volume adjustment and channel adjustment.

5 Features Smart Remote Control Back to Top

Features: Smart Remote

The Samsung ES8000 is equipped with an intelligent remote controller. ES7000 series and above models are all equipped at random. The remote controller can realize touch, voice and other functions. The smart remote controller needs to be paired with the television before use, and only need to press any key, and it can be seen that the remote controller is connected via Bluetooth, so that there is no need to worry about the use of angle.

The touchpad is an important input method of the remote control, located in the center of the remote control, but does not support multi-touch, and the recognition process is sensitive; the entire touchpad can be pressed, indicating the selection as if operating the mouse. In the web browser can play a greater role, long press the touch pad can enter the scroll page state, this time only need to move the finger on the board can drag web pages.

Voice control is an important function of the smart remote control. Pressing the voice control button can call up the menu. The rightmost icon at the bottom becomes a remote control. By the microphone on the top of the remote control, the recognition accuracy rate is higher than the body radio, and can achieve more than 90%. The recognition rate.

63D Screen Trial | Online Video Back to Top

3D screen trial

Samsung has been using active shutter 3D technology, and is no exception on the ES8000. The new 3D glasses use a Bluetooth signal transmission method. Compared with the traditional infrared signal transmission, there is no need to worry about the angle of signal reception, which is more than that of the ES7000. 3D glasses work more detailed and rigid.

Samsung ES8000 has a high brightness, so when watching 3D images, it does not feel insufficient brightness. At the same time, the 3D images of the new year's products will no longer have obvious crosstalk and flickering effects. At the same time, the 3D image has a prominent three-dimensional appearance. Similar to the 3D image of a movie theater, there are not many places to be picky.

Online video

Online video resources are the strengths of the Samsung ES8000. In cooperation with BesTV.com, there is a dedicated official client in the Smart Hub. Samsung has deeply customized it, so the operation experience is smooth. The number of video resources is relatively abundant. Common movies and television shows have appeared. At the same time, the movie provides a higher quality playback effect. The visual inspection should be above the 480p level.

After several generations of product evolution, Samsung's active shutter 3D has entered the era of maturity, whether it is the size of the glasses, the degree of lightness or depth of the 3D image, flicker, crosstalk has been greatly improved if you recently considered Buying a 3D TV is now a good time to start.

7 Blu-ray HD video | USB streaming back to top

Blu-ray full HD movie screen real shot

Two Blu-ray movies, “Microworld” and “Ip Man” were chosen here. We can have a clearer understanding of the picture quality of the TV through Full HD. Among them, "Microcosm" emphasizes the natural color, and it can be seen that the ES8000 is brightly colored, and the red part is not overflowing, but the accuracy is yet to be discussed. At the same time, the picture has a high degree of sharpness, and it shows the flaws on the faces of the characters.

The most striking feature of the Samsung ES8000 is the high-sharpness picture. The effect of this feature on the picture quality is hard to say whether it is good or not. After all, many friends also like the more detailed picture, at this point the Samsung ES8000 did a better job.

USB streaming media trial

With Smart Hub Smart Application Center, Samsung ES8000 has excellent streaming media performance, and has good compatibility with mainstream formats of video, audio, and image files. One of the video format support, Samsung ES8000 support avi, mpg, ts, mkv, mov, dat, rm, rmvb, flv, mvc format has basically covered most of the current mainstream formats, playback smooth. For full HD 1080p video can also be played smoothly.

Music format support is also very wide, the interface is simple and beautiful, the sound effect is relatively good.

There is also a picture of the display effect, we can see that the Samsung ES8000 has its own characteristics of the image processing.

8 Product Price Analysis | Evaluation Room Summary Back to Top

Samsung ES8000 Price Analysis

Currently, Samsung's 55-inch ES8000 is priced at 18,999 yuan. As a flagship TV, such a quote is reasonable. Looking at the TV market, the only comparable price in the market is Sharp 60-inch X50A, Sony 55-inch HX920 and LG's latest flagship LCD 55-inch LM8600. In this case, the ES8000 is not superior to the Japanese one in terms of picture quality, but it is more than the Japanese one in appearance and function. Compared with the Korean-based LM8600, the two have similar market positioning and product features, but Samsung's brand appeal is obviously stronger, and the gesture operation function and voice operation function are still quite gold-containing additional functions.

Evaluation Room Summary

Samsung UA55ES8000 evaluation pros and cons summary
1. Smooth arched base and metal polished petal-shaped wrap chic appearance;
2, gesture control, voice control features fresh;
3, comes with smart remote control
4, Smart Hub smart application interface clear and smooth;
4, clear picture, bright color reproduction;
6, 3D glasses are very light, crosstalk phenomenon is slight.
1, the image processing is too sharp, easy to appear noise;

Editor's summary: It is obviously unrealistic to talk about the price/performance ratio with the flagship models. However, the ES8000 is still qualified as a flagship. After all, it has also put a lot of effort into the panel and the quality of the image. Although it is impossible to please everyone's vision, it is clear, bright, and vivid. Quality and good dynamic performance have been sufficient for the role of foreign top models. At the same time, the appearance is also an advantage over other products in the ES8000. A high-price flat-panel TV has no face in the living room. Many people are also concerned about the issue. The ES8000's artistic design and One Design design obviously cater to many consumers; Intelligent functions such as control and voice control can only be said to have a good idea, but there are still areas where improvement is needed. Moreover, there is no difference between it and the cheaper ES7000. Therefore, a friend who selects the ES7000 for smart features is sufficient.

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